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Found 14 results

  1. It is my understanding that the method of appointing committee members is to be stated in the by-laws. Ours are not. We have chosen and voted on our methods for both standing and special committees at our meeting last month. Our bylaws are to be amended at the annual meeting which is several months away and will be added to by law amendments at that time. What do we call the new procedures in the interim?
  2. Guest

    Voting questions

    We have had a an assocation since 1955. Right now our by-laws written in the 90's are out dated. We have 18 people on the board of directors. Our by-laws say 6-9 people. We are in process of updating. We made a petetion to fight the density of a development that will butt up to our neighborhood. We had a vote of yes to do petition with 1 no. Can we still run the petiton legally with this vote? Also the board was asked to vote to spend funds to pay for attorney to give us strategy, that vote was all yes with 1 no. There are about 100 memebrs. Do we need to get a member vote as well to legally s
  3. Guest

    term of office

    If by-laws do not specifically address terms of office but Elections are held in One month and the fiscal year starts in another, when do the new officer assume thier duties?
  4. Sometimes when statutes, by-laws, policies, etc. are sumbitted to the full memberhip of the organization for vote there are grammatical or spelling errors not noticed prior to approval. Is there any provision for these administrative corrections to be done by committee or persons overseeing these documents, such as a Revision of Laws Committee, without bringing the correction back to the floor for full membership vote? Also, if printing errors happen in the same line, spelling or grammatical, may these be corrected in the next printing without full membership vote?
  5. Do By-Laws supersede Board policy?
  6. If an organization's by-laws say it has to meet "X" number of times per year and a majority of the organization desires to cancel its last meeting for the year despite the fact that it will then fail to hold the requisite number of regular meetings, can a member of the minority compel the organization to hold the meeting? If so, how does a person go about compelling the organization to hold the meeting? Given that the Chairman of the Organization is one of the persons seeking to cancel the meeting, it's unlikely an appeal the the Chairman would be fruitful. Would the minority member basical
  7. Our Nominating Committee slated a person in a Director Position (3 year appointment) and that persopn was duly elected. Our subsidiary corporation was in need of Officers and this Director was a better fit for that position. According to our by-laws an officer or director cannot sit on both boards except for the Presidents of both Boards. The Director has submitted his resignation. In our by-laws, a director who has resigned is replaced with a simple majority vote of the board of directors and serves until the next election. Since the director has not been formally installed, can we not ha
  8. At a recent meeting a vote was held to decide who could be heard at our monthly meetings. The basis was that certain groups may be out of the scope of our organization and therefore should not be recognized / heard at our meetings. In part, the 'Purpose' of our by-laws read: "This organization is established to better serve the students, school and community". Questions: Was this a legal vote or a policy vote that should have been handled differently? If necessary, how can we undo this and approach it differently? Suggestions (if necessary) on re-wording the by-law term 'community'.
  9. Our home owners association by-laws require notification by USPS 10 days prior to the annual meeting. That notification went to all members by e-mail this year, not USPS. Everyone has been notified and confirmation has been made by phone. In order to conduct the business of election of board and officers, can we temporarily suspend that provision in the by-laws and then reinstate it at the end of the meeting. Then the board will review that section of the by-laws and make a recommendation for a change next year at the meeting. The meeting is this Saturday. Your guidance will be appreciated
  10. Guest

    Nomination problems!

    Election for new officers was to be held at the April meeting. At that time only 2 out of 5 positions were interested in re-nomination. So the voting was held off until the May meeting when one new nominee came forward. Several days before our June meeting a e-mail went out from the Executive Board stating that if we do not have enough officers that the Booster Club will have to disband. The next day our director put out a e-mail with 2 more name up for nomination.The by-laws state that you may submit your name for a postion you wish to fill to the current Executive Board prior to the April me
  11. Our by-laws state "... may review upon reasonable request all account books" Some understand this to mean all financial documents and others believe it to be the General Ledger, Balance Statement, Profit / Loss Statement only, not receipts, invoices, receipt books, bank statements and so on. When ammending our by-laws at the next AGM it is suggested that the new by-law read "all financial documents". Many are in favor of this others believe that if you have people reviewing "everything" then they are in fact performing an audit which must not be done by anyone arms length.
  12. Our bylaws states, only one member, from one agency can serve on the board at a time. Does the highest ranking office take the position.
  13. Guest

    special meetings

    Can you have a special meeting if it isn't covered in the by-laws?
  14. After answering a question about By-law amendments, I thought that I would start a topic discussing different By-law amendments I have seen and to hear what other people have read or experienced. Here are what I have seen: 1) Any member can propose an amendment at the AGM, or a special meeting can be called. Either with a 2/3 vote or a majority vote of all members. 2) The Board may make changes (for large organizations with members covering a large area, as it might be hard for members to attend a meeting.) 3) The Board approves the change first, and then places it before the membership. 4
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