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Found 3 results

  1. Recently a non profit member organization with a corporate staff, was presented with legally submitted bylaws. A minority of the Board members supported the bylaw changes which require a vote by membership to be passed per the AOI and existing Bylaws. The corporate staff objected to the amendments and the Board chair is also in opposition to the proposed bylaw amendments. Due to the covid concerns the amendments were placed on tolling until they were to be discussed at a regularly scheduled board meeting. At that board meeting, a new set of amendments to both the Articles of Incorporat
  2. In the organization that I am a part of, we have a section of our bylaws that state the qualifications to hold/be nominated for a certain position. In these qualifications it references an outside guideline that our organization chose to adopt many years ago. It recently was brought up that there were several folks in these positions that did not meet the qualifications to hold/be nominated for that position because a certain qualification was supposedly stated in this outside guidelines however it was not specifically stated in the language of our bylaws. Recently it was enfor
  3. Notice was given that our PTO bylaws would be changed. After reviewing them I had a few questions and brought them to the meeting to ask however copies of the new bylaws were passed out then immediately voted on without any opportunity to ask questions. Must the organization give an opportunity for members to ask questions and clarification before voting? Also must they provide a document stating the old bylaws and what changes they are making versus just handing us the new ones and assuming we know all the changes they made. My understanding is that one person made the changes to the byla
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