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Found 2 results

  1. A vote was taken. There were 81 people present on the spreadsheet to attend and who did attend. Three of those were guests (nonmembers) who were counted as a "no" in the official calculations. Six people did not want to vote and abstained. The number of actual voters who cast a ballot was 72 out of 81 present. The counted vote tally was 49 yes for revision to 23 no on the first bylaw. The counted vote tally was 50 to 22 on the 2nd bylaw. The results were calculated with a denominator of 81 instead of 72 (the actual votes) to determine a 2/3 majority. The president and parliamentarian calculate
  2. I set up our unincorporated Association and its Constitution and Bylaws. The Executive Committee (EC) (We have no Board) has set up a revision to the Bylaws which replaces the constitution and old Bylaws. They planned to have an up or down vote online instead of approving it at a meeting of the Association. Several members signed a valid petition to have the revision voted on at a meeting of the Association. The petition is to be voted on at our Annual Meeting in February. The EC has only the authority to manage what the members approve. Each member has one vote on the affairs of the clas
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