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Found 1 result

  1. Folks Please Help! Ive been concerned my organization (youth association) has been violating the bylaws which govern our association. This past week I brought it to the attention of the president that a vote to fill vacant board positions needs to be done in accordance to our bylaws. The executive board, and board of directors were going to vote, while excluding the entire membership. Me bringing this to the attention of the president should have served as notice that ignorance to our bylaws can no longer be claimed in making decisions that violate our rules, but the opposite has happened!! They’re once again having a vote to elect board positions without notifying the entire membership after I made them aware it was a violation, and now my wife and I are being attacked by false accusations that started the day after I spoke to the president. What is my next step? Who do I turn to that can stop this from happening?!
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