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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, and thank you in advance for your assistance. I am in a society who is bound by Roberts Rules. I am chair of the Bylaws Committee. In working in this committee and going over the bylaws it became apparent that our chapter's use of bylaws was very lax. Our society is a closed society, meaning that one makes an application with recommendation of 2 current members, and is approved by national. It is my understanding that with this provision, meetings are to be members only. Over the years that our chapter has been in existence it has allowed non-members to attend all parts of a meetings
  2. THE TRAP IN RRONR-11's SAMPLE BYLAWS: Robert's Sample Bylaws contain a Trap! Article V, Section 1, states that "The regular meetings of the Society shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month from September to May inclusive, unless otherwise ordered by the Society" -- that is, the Society has the power to change the date of an individual regular meeting at need. (And, BTW, kudos to them for adding the word "inclusive"!) This is perfectly fine. BUT, the Trap comes in Section 2: "The regular meeting on the second Tuesday in April shall be known as the annual meeting, and sha
  3. If the bylaws are not specific, what then? For instance, bylaws require someone running for Officer have served one term on the board, However, it doesn't say the current board or board in the past.
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    Our bylaws state that our board of directors or organization committees may hold a telecommunications meeting if all members of the board or committee can simultaneously communicate together. The board,acting as the bylaws committee, recently invited all members to a phone conference to vote on two bylaw amendments. When the vote was called, each member was asked to unmute their phone lines for a voice vote. Is this acceptable with our current bylaws? The question was asked re: the current bylaws on telecommunications, however it was not taken up prior to the vote. Thank you.
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