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  1. In the "Interpreting Bylaws" topic re who can interpret bylaws meanings Josh Martin provided a response that assumed a Board made an interpretation binding on a convention.: "If the board is granted "full power and authority over the affairs of the society between conventions" or the like (which seems extremely likely if the convention only meets once every three years), then the board may interpret the bylaws between meetings of the convention. This ruling could, of course, be overturned at a meeting of the convention. I have a question adding to the above scenario of a board granted "full power and authority over the affairs of the society between conventions" : Let's say the bylaws also state that Member X determines the legal intent of bylaws (Member X holds an officer position). It is known that Member X is planning to interpret bylaws such that it affects who can qualify for other officer positions and how long their term will be, and is now making deals with others to use this power of interpretation. The factual intent of the membership on officer terms does not match what Member X is planning. Can the Board suspend that bylaw that gives Member X that power over bylaws via the Board's 2/3 vote saying it involves interpretation of bylaws and is procedural in nature, as it is affecting convention election procedures, and then subsequently appoint a nominating committee with the Board's own instructions on how candidates for officer positions will be determined to qualify to run under the bylaws and how long their term lasts under the bylaws (based on the Board's own interpretations of meaning of bylaws) ? If this is permissible to suspend that bylaw , does the suspension of the bylaw last only for that Board meeting and Member X then automatically has the power of bylaw interpretation again at a convention where Member X could assert different interpretations (unless the bylaw is suspended again or changed)?
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