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Found 4 results

  1. In the text found on page 371, lines 25-27 (text that is new to the 11th edition, by the way) we read: "In an agenda, often an hour is assigned only to such subjects as the calls to order, recesses, adjournments..." The difficulty is that a "call to order" isn't an "item of business" (i.e., something the assembly can act on in a meeting) and shouldn't be included in an agenda at all. See the footnote on page 26. A "call to order" takes place before the meeting begins. I suppose this could be remedied by dropping "the calls to order" from the quoted text, or by changing "agenda" to "program", the more all-encompassing term. I'll leave that decision to the authorship team.
  2. Thank you for your advice about this question. I can't find a solution. Unit owners in a condo successfully petitioned for a special meeting of the unit owners to remove one or more members of its 9-member Board of Directors. The Meeting was originally scheduled for 2 weeks ago but it was rescheduled due to inclement weather. Between that date and the rescheduled date, the terms of 4 directors expired -- including the president, secretary and treasurer. Prior to the first date, 1 director had been removed. Thus, there remain only 4 directors out of 9, not a quorum. How can business be conducted at all...how can the unit owners meeting even be called to order? Since it's a meeting of the unit owners, not the board, can the unit owners take over the "meeting?" There is nothing in the by-laws or declaration that address this problem. Thanks!
  3. What happens if the Chair forgot to call the meeting to order. The meeting went as usual, but now someone is challenging the fact they don't believe it was ever called to order. Does this mean the meeting never actually happened? It is a volunteer community group that meets.
  4. There seems to have been a concentrated number of violations to the rules at the last (aborted) annual meeting of our association (HOA). Here's what happened. The Annual Meeting of our association had been properly noticed (10 days). However, at the time the meeting was supposed to start, it became obvious that a quorum would not be established. The Chair never called the meeting to order (no words to that effect were pronounced by anyone siting at the presiding desk). The President of the Association simply called off the meeting indicating that a new date would be decided upon shortly. Nobody objected and everybody left. Questions: 1. Did the meeting/ session even start? (no call to order) 2. If the meeting is called to order and a lack of quorum is established, can the Chair simply decide to adjourn? 3. If the Assembly had voted to fix the time for the adjournment, would there have been notices requirements? (The Bylaws require 10 days to notice a meeting but nothing is said about noticing an adjournment). 4. Did adjourning the meeting sine die close the session? This was supposed to be our Annual session at which elections were to take place. If the session is closed, what do we call the next meeting (Annual meeting or special meeting) and does it need to be noticed? How do we get out of this mess?
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