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Found 3 results

  1. We just received notice from the Chair that the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of our Council is canceled this month due to COVID being on the increase and no suitable meeting room being found that will allow sufficient social distancing. Keep in mind this is a 9 member volunteer Council that advocates for the members of the complex where we live and is not any type of business entity. Within minutes of receiving the email notice of cancelation another member of the Council called me and she expressed the same reaction that I had. We expect the Chair made little or no effort t
  2. The organization's by -laws requires it to hold an annual meeting where several actions items are required - election of national officers, budget and funding projects. Concern that the facility will not allow them to hold meeting due to Covid 19. They have no provisions in their by-laws to cancel meeting. Any suggestions on how they should handle? I have suggested an on-line meeting but difficult when there are 200+ delegates.
  3. Can the Chairperson summarily cancel a regularly scheduled meeting?
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