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Found 3 results

  1. Is it proper and is it really allowed to cancel a scheduled board meeting 2 days before the board meeting because 3 people cannot attend, even though more than needed for a quorum can attend?
  2. More than half of the members emailed in advance to say that they weren't able to attend, for a variety of reasons. Thus, a few hours before our meeting time, the Chair emailed us to say that the meeting was cancelled due to a lack of quorum. Do I still need to make minutes for this cancelled regular meeting, even if it's just one sentence on our letterhead saying when and why the meeting was cancelled?
  3. I can not find the answers to the following questions in the RRO materials. So I need help finding the answers or if you can provide such. 1. If a meeting is recessed for a 10 minute break, by RRO is it necessary to have a roll call to establish what members are still in attendance to declare a quorum when the meeting resumes after the break? A roll call is done when the meeting is called to order originally. 2. If it is announced and agendas made public for a special meeting of a public elected body to start at "X" time on "Y" date followed by a committee of the whole (COW) meeting, according to the agenda to begin 30 minutes after the start time of the special meeting and on the same date, what action needs to be taken about the COW that never occurred because the special meeting ran over 4 hours? The COW meeting was never called to order. Does an anno uncement need to be made publicly that the COW meeting is cancelled? When does this announcement need to be made? Is a motion necessary to move the COW business to a date and time certain or can all of this be left open for a later public announcement? Can the chair just unilaterally make these determinations without approval of the elected body? Thank you for any and all help. Pattsi Petrie
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