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Found 5 results

  1. Our organization's bylaws indicate that RONR shall be followed, except as otherwise provided in a specific bylaw. Every year, at the first meeting of the board after the AGM, the board members elect a vice-president during the meeting. Nominations are made during the same meeting. The nominations and election are conducted by ballot. One board member has claimed that RONR indicates that any candidate can observe the counting of the ballot. Under the board's current procedures for election of vice-president, this is problematic since each board member hand-writes the name of the candidate for which they are voting. (The board has approximately 12 members and there are normally only 1-3 candidates) I've searched through RONR and I can't find a reference to candidates observing ballot counts. Can someone point me to a reference?
  2. Hello, The club I belong to currently has no nominee for the office of President. My interpretation of RONR is that the nominating committee has until the presentation of the slate of candidates at our April meeting to find someone (defined in our constitution/bylaws). If no one is found, nor anyone volunteers, the slot is left open. My next interpretation is that if someone is found/volunteers by the time of the elections at our business meeting in May (again defined in our constitution/bylaws), the person could stand as a write-in candidate. My question: if we have no one by the May business meeting, what are our options? My thoughts are to: Offer a co-presidency. A one-time deferrment of constitution/bylaws time/term constraints for the upcoming term of office. Offer the current president, who is ineligible due to our constitution/bylaws, the position temporarily until a suitable person is found who would then be appointed by a majority vote of the board.Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. History: we are a 60+ year-old American women's club based in a European country whose President and Vice President must be US citizens. Demographics and technology has changed our club drastically in the last 10-15 years and we are experiencing fewer new members. An option is to look at restructuring the club or even dissolving it but this requires time and energy that is obviously lacking or we would have a candidate for president.
  3. An organization to which I belong is imploding. However, it seems that many of the current members of the board who are up for re-election are allowing their names to stand, despite the lack of confidence the general membership has in their abilities to run what's left of the organization. Nominations from the floor are permitted, provided prior written consent of the nominee is obtained. Write-in candidates are also permitted (at least, there's nothing in the bylaws that precludes them). My question is: Are write-in candidates the same as a nomination from the floor -- i.e. would the "prior written consent" for a nomination from the floor also be required for a write-in candidate, or are the two creatures distinct in RONR?
  4. I live in a New York City co-op. On the last board election, one of the incumbent candidate was absent from the board election meeting. The board went ahead with the election, allowing the name of the absentee candidate to remain on the ballot. As the by-laws do not address this specific topic, was the board correct in allowing the absentee candidate to remain on the ballot, allowing the name of the absentee candidate to remain on the proxy ballots, and allow the voters to vote for this absentee candidate?
  5. I know that nominations can be debated, but I need to know if that also means that members can ask direct questions of the candidates during the debate.
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