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Found 4 results

  1. Can the Board of Directors retire a CEO by a simple majority vote ?
  2. Our current bylaws call for a 2/3 vote of the entire board to remove the CEO, and it has been asked if we want to change to a simple majority or another level. I'm having a hard time finding what is typical. Can anyone tell me what most common practice is?
  3. Background: Chair of the Board is a non-paid volunteer officer (elected by the board); and the President and CEO ('CEO') is a paid staff person who also has a seat on the board, per our bylaws. The previous CEO resigned months ago and at the conclusion of a national search, the Chair of the Board was selected (via board vote) to become the new CEO. The new CEO will begin effective March 1. Question: There is a meeting of the Board of Directors at the end of February, does the Chair (soon to be new CEO) preside over that meeting given that he doesn't officially take on his new role until M
  4. The Chair of our Board (non-profit) currently chairing the Search Committee for a new President and CEO. The Chair is planning to resign from the Search committee and pursue the position of President and CEO themself. what is the protocol (bylaws are silent) for Chair resigning from search committee and a new member of search committee being named as well as a new chair of the search committee? Does this need to go to the full board of can the search committee appoint a new chairman and continue? Also, does chair need to step down from chair, board or can he simply recuse himself from matt
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