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  1. Hi . This is a strategy question based on an unclear behavior of our President. If the Chair says 'I'm not going to allow that motion" and immediately recognizes the next person, What should be done - a Point of Order that there was no ruling on the motion or an Appeal from the Decision of the Chair making the Chair explain, or first Request Information on why the Chair decided that? This is a typical thing our President does to control what is talked about with our members at meetings. By going to the next person immediately, the next person begins making their new motion (and is interrupting that new person to make the Chair respond to why my motion is 'not allowed' okay?). The motions 'not allowed' are business motions, within regular business for our group, not attacking other members or anything illegal, they just simply are motions the President doesn't like. I'm interested in what strategy needs to be taken to assure my motions can be heard. Or do I simply need to be faster in demanding a fully explained ruling? and then appeal it?
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