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Found 11 results

  1. Is it possible for the chair to make motions, sua sponte, for example, calling the question? Outside of the chair's report, of course. During the normal conduct of business.... Or do motions need to come from the membership. I cant find the answer to this in RONR11
  2. My agency is going to chair a multi-agency committee, with each agency having one vote. Can my organization have a separate voting member, with the Chair only voting to break a tie?
  3. Background: Chair of the Board is a non-paid volunteer officer (elected by the board); and the President and CEO ('CEO') is a paid staff person who also has a seat on the board, per our bylaws. The previous CEO resigned months ago and at the conclusion of a national search, the Chair of the Board was selected (via board vote) to become the new CEO. The new CEO will begin effective March 1. Question: There is a meeting of the Board of Directors at the end of February, does the Chair (soon to be new CEO) preside over that meeting given that he doesn't officially take on his new role until M
  4. What procedures should be followed if the Chair is going to enter the debate?
  5. How do you change the chair of a meeting in the middle of the meeting. For example: -- BoD Member A is the chair at annual meeting -- Member A is also running for a new term -- BoD Member B is the chair for the candidate discussion portion of the meeting and the election voting process.\ -- A needs to transfer the chairmanship to B How do you do this? Thanks!
  6. Guest

    Correct Minutes

    What is the approprate verbage to record in the minutes when the chair has to temporarily leave the meeting due to a conflict in interest and turns the meeting over to a stand-in?
  7. Does the chair have voting rights like any other member of a committee or board? I've read in RONR pages 404 something along those lines....thanks for the help
  8. Our Board Chair forgot to sign up for re-election last November and there was no one opposing him. We appointed him back into his position in February of this year. We have just now discovered that in January we should have appointed the Vice-Chair to fulfill his Board Chair position and in February when we appointed him it would have been to to fill the Vice-Chair's empty position. Is this correct? If yes, is it too late to correct it? And how would we do that?
  9. When the Chair of the Board is re-elected for another term, is this done via a motion and majority acceptance, or is it assumed it is accepted if there are no other nominations and no dissenters?
  10. Guest


    After the chair removes himself for debate purposes, may the chair vote on a motion to censure the chair?
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