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Found 14 results

  1. The following administrative powers were (strangely) included in our 501c3's new/first Bylaws earlier this year. We are a public middle school PTO. Only the 5th/last of these seems reasonable to me. Policies -- Seek input and approval of school administration on all matters. Funding -- Fundraising efforts beyond dues must be approved by administration. Elections of Executive Committee -- Filling mid year vacancies requires administration approval. Special Meetings -- Administration may, on his/her own, call a special meeting. Treasurer Duties
  2. OUR organization holds lectures, seminars,meetings etc. In order to motivate members to show up and participate, we moved and resolved that members who do not attend a certain number of such events each year, will not be eligible to work for the organization and get paid. So far so good, but: The e.g. after '" no member may be employed (PAID) by the association in any capacity" enumerated: "(Officer, committee member, ..writing for the website" etc.)" Here is the problem: Our bylaws list the four officers, and describes their duties and compensation.. Does t
  3. A Resolution was just passed through our Council, but it was just discovered that the dollar amount pertaining to a grant was incorrect. I feel that logically, the resolution must go back through Council with a motion to amend, but I can't find anything in Robert's Rules that specifically states that. Any info or thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. What if a meeting occurred and minutes were recorded by the council Secretary, but once complete were distributed via email to only our church Secretary. Then the president called the secretary of the council on the phone and compelled her to revise the minutes and send a revised set of minutes without any indication to any member of the council they were revised in the updated unofficial minutes to the church Secretary. This was all done before any scheduled council meeting and was done without the knowledge of any of the other council members. Does this violate Robert's Rul
  5. Quick question: If there is a custom of handing out an award at each monthly meeting to a member of the club by nomination and vote, and if that is shown on the monthly agenda as a line item for the meeting, but the handing out of the award is not mentioned anywhere in the club bylaws - does the leadership have to provide a club vote to stop handing out the award every month? A club member says that since it has been handed out every month for the last few years, it is now a tradition, and has to be voted on my the club membership to not hand it out. Thanks for your response...
  6. Guest

    Change a Vote

    Scenario: A vote is taken on a motion. The meeting is adjourned for the day. On a separate day a meeting is convened and a board member announces that he wants to change a vote on a motion from that previous meeting. The minutes of that previous meeting have not yet been approved. Can he change his vote according to Robert's Rules?
  7. Our bylaws require due notice of the date, time and location of meetings. Is it possible for the location of a meeting to be changed once the notice has gone out, if the new location shares the parking lot of the orginal location (i.e. they are a very, very short walking distance from each other) and they are the only two buildings in 100 miles?
  8. Guest

    Amend Adopted Budget

    I am at a board meeting and our organization adopted a budget in August. In this budget there is a line item for scholarships. The organization has done well financially so we would like to increse the number of scholarships so we need to change this in our budget. Is it okay to amend our adopted budget? I guess the question is it allowed by and if yes how do we motion for it?
  9. Our Board Chair forgot to sign up for re-election last November and there was no one opposing him. We appointed him back into his position in February of this year. We have just now discovered that in January we should have appointed the Vice-Chair to fulfill his Board Chair position and in February when we appointed him it would have been to to fill the Vice-Chair's empty position. Is this correct? If yes, is it too late to correct it? And how would we do that?
  10. Guest

    Change of vote

    After the roll call vote of all members has been taken and announced, is it possible for someone that voted against a resolution to change his vote to the affirmative for the express purpose of being able to request reconsideration of the motion at a later time?
  11. Our organization is in the process of extensively revising our bylaws. In my reading, it became evident that the Bylaws Committee needed to examine our Articles of Incorporation as we crafted the revision. I noted that our Articles of Incoporation contain no method for amending them. Does this mean that they are "un-amendable" forever and ever ad infinitum? Louise
  12. In January a motion was passed by our Board that affects the school. Many parents of students were displeased by the measure. One of the key members was not present when it was presented. It passed 8-2. After a lot of back and forth sideline discussion it was decided that at our next meeting the missing individual would be able to present his facts. He feels if he had been able to do so at the meeting, the motion would not have been passed in such haste. Can the motion be brought back, or can a new motion be presented to rescind the previously passed motion? Most of the members seem to a
  13. A motion was made and included a name and salary. The secretary recorded the motion exactly as it was stated. A draft of the minutes was sent to the Board. A Board member asked that the draft minutes be edited/changed to remove the salary from the draft minutes. Usually the Board is invited to edit the draft minutes prior to the next meeting when the minutes are approved. Can a motion be edited in draft minutes after it has been made and voted on?
  14. After answering a question about By-law amendments, I thought that I would start a topic discussing different By-law amendments I have seen and to hear what other people have read or experienced. Here are what I have seen: 1) Any member can propose an amendment at the AGM, or a special meeting can be called. Either with a 2/3 vote or a majority vote of all members. 2) The Board may make changes (for large organizations with members covering a large area, as it might be hard for members to attend a meeting.) 3) The Board approves the change first, and then places it before the membership. 4
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