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Found 3 results

  1. We have a situation where mail in election is taking place and ends on December 22, 2012. One of the presidential candidates has had charges filed against them, been formally notified of those charges, and their trial will be held shortly into the new year, before the new Board takes office. We need to know if a person that has been formally charged with ethical violations can run for office? If they can run, can we delay the election results until the hearing is completed? The new Board Members don't officially take office until January 15th. Our thoughts are if they are found guilty of
  2. Charges was filed against 2 of our officers. Our constitution states that when this happens, the officers are suspended, a is scheduled and is conducted by the board of trustees. Within our bylaws, the trustees make the final decision and if their decision is to uphold the charges the officers are removed from office. Our trustees followed the constitution and bylaws to the letter and upheld the charges filed and the officers was removed from office. In a general membeship meeting a motion was brought up on the floor to ignore the constitution and bylaws and reverse the decision made by the
  3. At a recent 'open' Board meeting- 8 guests were present- one Board member preferred charges against another. She read her letter of charges before the meeting was adjourned and in the prenence of guests. The one being charged protested the presence of guests and the Board went into executive session (with no vote to so.) Do the charges have to be in the minutes of the regular session? Or would the secretary just state XX read charges on XXX? Thank you
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