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Found 6 results

  1. Can any church member attend a church committee meeting if they wish? Can they participate if recognized by the chair? What do you have to do to close a meeting? Do church committee meetings require a public announcement? TY
  2. My question is regarding a church annual meeting that uses Roberts' Rules. 1. Must budget line items (and total operating budget) be passed by a 2/3 majority or does a simple majority suffice? 2. If a budget salary line item is amended on annual meeting floor by a congregation member, despite the fact that an Executive Board is charged by church bylaws to sign all contracts and employ all personnel, does the annual meeting vote trump the Executive Board vote's vote (to employ that person for less money than the annual meeting voted for, by a very close margin)? THANK YOU for any help with thes
  3. I have two related questions about balloted elections and business sessions in a church setting. We have three worship services each weekend. We do balloted elections for two items a year: approval of the budget and election of deacons. In the case of the budget, all discussion and amendments has been done in a single business session the weekend before. In the case of the deacons, a slate is presented to the church via publications and then voted on. (The bylaws specify that the slate as brought by the nominating committee is the only persons that can be voted on, as the nomination process ha
  4. Does RONR cover church governing board meetings and whether or not they are open to the whole church or always closed? If so, what does it say on this topic? Is there another source that would cover this type of question? (by-laws, Contitution of the denomination, etc.)
  5. We are having an annual meeting at church. We will be discussing our budget, namely the salaries of our paid staff. Can we make a motion that the pastor and his family (who are all church members) leave the meeting so that the church body can discuss the budget freely without the pastor and family knowing who says what? thank you.
  6. Is it permissable to ask staff to leave when discussing staff compensation and performance?
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