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Found 4 results

  1. Our Board meets regularly and occasionally our President needs to go to an Executive or Closed session before we adjourn in order to discuss certain items. What is the wording and the steps to go from Open Session to Closed Session and then back to Open Session for any final action items and adjournment? We have one member saying the President just announces 1. "we're at recess for purpose of a closed session" then 2. The closed session is called to order. then 3 somehow closes the closed session and reconvenes the Regular meeting. Another member says it must all be done by properly worded motions and voting. example I move we recess and go to closed session for purpose of ????? If the latter is true, (or the former) what is the proper wording and order??
  2. Can a board take binding action in executive session?
  3. Do you take minutes of closed sessions and are they made public to owners of a condo association?
  4. Guest

    Closed session rules

    What are the general rules for closed sessions? Are closed session agenda items put on the regular business agenda under the heading "Closed Session" or not? (Thus persons who will not be attending the closed session can seed them.) Are minutes (only actions taken) in closed session approved in another closed session at the next regular business meeting?
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