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Found 4 results

  1. I belong to an organization whose bylaws state that, “Chapter elections shall be by ballot…” Also, it states that 1) the nominating committee of 7 shall be elected during the regular chapter election or a special election if necessary; 2) “Elected members shall include a Nominating Committee Chair”; and 3) the committee members serve a 2-year term. Also note that the nominating committee chair serves on the board of directors. The nominating committee prepares the slate of candidates to the board. And any member of the nominating committee who becomes a candidate for election must resign from the committee. Question 1: Should the election of the nominating committee (and chair) be by ballot as well? Question 2: If the nominating committee prepares the slate of candidates to the Board, does that include the nominating committee chair (conflict)? Question 3: If a slate is to include the nominating committee chair, my interpretation is that, if a candidate is not elected as committee chair that DOES NOT mean that she is automatically considered and elected to the committee (unless also a candidate for the committee). And once the chair is elected, there will only be 6 available vacancies for the nominating committee during the election. Is that interpretation correct?
  2. In the past, newly elected presidents have resigned their positions as committee chairs. The current president continues to chair the most powerful committee in the organization. The governing documents do not address this. I'd appreicate citations, if possible. Thanks!
  3. A committee of 8 is charged with electing its own chair. The vote resulted in a 4 - 4 tie. What is the appropriate way for the chair to be elected? Where in Roberts Rules is this addressed?
  4. Guest


    Three point questions: 1. Can the president appoint himself as chair of all committees? 2. Per our bylaws, our nominating committee is a standing committee. We now have someone who says all associatons she has been involved in it has always been part of the social commmittee. As of now we have the Annual Dinner and Homecoming committees under the social committee with a separate chair for each. Should we also include the nominating comm. under this also? I think that would be too many sub-committees. 3. When RONR refers to non members serving on committees, is it referring to non board membes or non members of the orginizaton?
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