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Found 3 results

  1. I am on the executive board of a small nonprofit organization - we have a total membership of about 100 members. There are 7 members of the executive board and they are all elected by the members for 2 year terms. The bylaws state that the president of the organization will appoint all committee chairs, but doesn't go into any further detail regarding committee chairs/appointments/removal of chairs/etc and does not detail how the committee chair puts the actual committee together (many of our committee chairs actually just operate as a committee of one to do the work, others recruit other members to work with them on the committee) A few questions about Committee Chairs: 1. Do Committee Chair appointments by the President need to be recorded anywhere or motioned and voted by the chapter and/or executive board? 2. Once a Committee Chair is appointed, can the Chair be removed by the President at will (the bylaws do not state that the committee chair serves at will, just that they are appointed by the President)? Or is a vote of the executive board or total membership required? For instance, if the President decides he/she wants to remove that Committee Chair and appoint someone else? 3. May a Committee Chair select the members of her own committee whoever he/she likes? Or how do members become part of a committee? Must the membership vote to approve the members of a committee? 4. May the President tell a Committee Chair that a specific member cannot be on the committee? We had an issue where the Committee Chair who was appointed wanted a new member to be on the committee, but the President said - no, that person is too new, they can't serve on your committee. Does the President have that power to micromanage the Committee Chair and then threaten to remove them and appoint someone else, if the Chair doesn't do what they want? Thanks!
  2. We are entertaining the idea of having proxies stand in for members who are absent......Someone on the board said the proxy could be anyone in the membership, others say it should be someone already on the board. Some say it is not permissable under Robert's rules. I cannot take a chance in opening a can of worms because of the difficult one on the board.. I would rather have the absent committee chair appoint an assistant who would attend the Board meeting, We have done this in the past with no problem. The bylaws state that "each committee shall be represented at board meetings." Perhaps we should ask each committee chair to have an assistant and put that in the bylaws. What do you think?
  3. Hi, New member.... just trying to get a group more in line with Roberts... so, can Officers on the Board also be Committee Chairs? I realize it concentrates the power in the group, as there are fewer opinions and fewer votes, but the situation is that some Officers have two or more other positions as Chairs. It is a relatively small Club, but there should be enough members to spread it out a bit. Just wanted to know if it is disallowed or OK. Thanks.
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