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Found 2 results

  1. Our bylaws define several standing committees and state that the "Chairpersons shall be appointed or removed by the President" but nothing defining committee membership. Temporary committees are worded similarly: "The Association may have temporary committees for specific purposes, whose chairpersons shall be appointed by the President." Our bylaws require that committee meetings are posted in advance on our website, ostensibly to give general members an opportunity to attend, or, more typically, to contact the chair with questions and/or concerns. Traditionally, our president isn't making appointments as much as they are accepting a general member's offer: to my knowledge there has never been more than one person interested in chairing a particular committee, standing or temporary; instead, we regularly face a lack of volunteers and celebrate those who step up. The membership of committees largely follows suit with the chairperson accepting membership requests from whomever is interested in serving. (On occasion the membership of a temporary committee has been limited to a specific group of people, but always with the approval of the general membership.) Under these circumstances: 1. Can a standing committee chair refuse to accept a general member's offer to serve on the committee? 2. Can the president install or appoint members of a standing committee? 3. Can a general member appeal to the general membership in some way if their offer to serve on a standing committee has been denied by the committee chair? Thank you
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    Question: Can a committee member from one committee contact another committee to express some ideas with them - without going through the board.
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