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Found 3 results

  1. In a report of a committee's own initiative with multiple recommendations, does the chair, in stating the question, follow the same methods mentioned on pp.522-523? How does c) on p. 523 (allowing a motion to adopt all recommendations in the report) square with the advice on p. 515, lines 13-25, that making a motion "to 'adopt the committee's recommendation(s)'...can lead to confusion as to the precise effect of the motion"?
  2. pwilson

    Lone Vote in Committee

    At a recent meeting, a committee report contained a motion that only the reporting member wanted to come before the assembly. (The vote in committee had been 1-0, with several abstentions.) Does the motion require a second? RONR says no, “since the motion’s introduction has been directed by a majority vote within the board or committee and is therefore desired by at least two assembly members” ([11th ed., p. 36, ll. 18–21; see also the footnote on p. 507). I don’t follow this reasoning, given the sort of case above. Should the reporting member have briefly explained the situation and requested that the chair ask for a second?
  3. I am currently serving as the Parliamentarian for our Student Assemby, and we recently came upon a discrepency on the vote for our Appropriation Committee Reports. To preface, our Appropriations committee recommends funding allocations to a other student groups on campus, and therefore they make a recommendation on the amount of money that is allocated through a resolution during their report. Since we are adopting the report, and therefore taking on the actions of the resolution, I wanted to know what the vote (majority vs two-thirds) would be to amend the recommended amount? While reading through RONR, I couldn't find a distinct difference than from a normal resolution. When talking with the President of the Assembly, she stated that the motion went against a recommendation of the committee. I was confused because you can't necessarily reject a committee report, but i did not know if you could object to considering a recommendation/resolution, which is where the two-thirds vote would come into play. Currently, there is no stipulation in either our Charter, Bylaws, Standing or Special Rules that state any vote, but I would like to get some clarification so that I can formalize it in our Standing Rules, which will help resolve this discrepency for years to come. - Aaron -