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Found 2 results

  1. Our current President, during our Unit meeting, slid a piece of paper to her second vice requesting that she read the page. On the page was our President's formal request for our Unit to "endorse" her for Department. She asked, verbally for support, a few said yes, many stayed quiet not supporting her but also not wanting to say no. As President should she not have excused herself from the room, or better requested secret ballot? Several officers were absent from the meeting and would like to know if it is possible to get the "endorsement" overturned.
  2. I am a fairly recent Board member of our local Chamber of Commerce. Board meetings are held monthly and seem to follow RR although there currently is no Bylaw requiring us to follow RR. (I am submitting a Bylaw change proposal today). We hold monthly general membership luncheon meetings with guest speakers, but I have never observed the Chair calling the meeting to order or anything that would resemble a Parliamentary type meeting. At the last meeting, the County Judge gave his State of the County address wherein he personally (by name) attacked another local elected official who was not present and read a law that he "thinks" the other official may have broken. Could or should the Chair have stopped the speaker? I am trying to suggest Bylaw changes that might allow the Chair to prevent or interrupt this type of conduct in the future as the current Chair doesn't think she had the right to do so. My opinion is that freedom of speech is one thing but using our forum to possibly defame another individual is another. I am also concerned about our Board members being personally liable for allowing this to take place during our meeting. I may be off base, but I'm hoping to make changes that will provide a more civil environment in which to share information and promote business in our community. I would greatly appreciate guidance in this regard.
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