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Found 3 results

  1. Can board members going into executive session vote to exclude one of their own members if that person is perceived to be a potential confidentiality risk?
  2. A member has questioned the confidentiality of Executive Board Meetings. Meeting Minutes are posted for all meeting which give the result of approved or disapproved motions, decisions, etc. At what point does Roberts cover the discussion in an executive meeting? Would this not hamper an open discussion of a topic during a board meeting?
  3. We had a meeting recently that was to be an informal meeting between the old and new boards of directors. At the last minute the president sent an e-mail to everyone that he had been requested to invite certain members to express views on another member. The by-laws clearly state the time requirements, timeliness of notification ( varies for different types of meetings) and that an agenda had to be prepared. if this were to be a "meeting" by definition. The bylaws also state that guests may be invited by the board of directors; which I assume is a majority. After being polled 4 hours before th
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