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Found 3 results

  1. Two months ago, my church took a vote during a special meeting. Some are now claiming that this vote was illegal, arguing that a continuing breach occurred. The church's bylaws state: "By decision of ... business meeting majority vote, any matter may be referred to the membership for decision by written ballot." Towards the end of the meeting, a member requested that the vote be taken by written ballot. This was denied by the chair, without taking a majority vote. Nobody rose to a point of order. Right before the meeting began, one of the members had to leave due to a health condition. This person may have still been allowed to cast a vote, but it is unclear because the Secretary does not seem to have accurate records of the vote. Proxy votes were also collected, although the church's bylaws do not mention proxy voting. Is this considered a continuing breach, or not?
  2. If bylaws of a society requires electing office by ballot, and the society did it by voice, the action should be what RONR 12ed. 23:6(e) says. If a member is allowed to call for a point of order when there is no business pending, the point of order is a main motion. Is it correct?
  3. A parent committee appointed non-members of the committee to its subcommittee. These appointments were never authorized by the assembly (c.f. p. 497, ll. 16-19). If the appointments are ratified by the assembly, does that also, by extension, also ratify all actions done by the subcommittee while the breach was occurring? Or, do the actions taken by the subcommittee also need to be ratified? If no one raises a point of order on the issue of continuing breach in this case, should the parliamentarian point out the error in proceedings?
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