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Found 1 result

  1. Father Cadan

    Math Meets RONR

    I would greatly appreciate your assistance. A challenge has been made as follows (I've tried to remove identifying information): On [DATE], {A} got 97 Delegates, {B} got 219, there was 1 uncommitted delegate. At the county convention, they seated 97 {B} delegates, 222 {B} delegates. We won 5 of 18 delegates to the {current/about to happen meeting}, but if you take away the 2 extra delegates seated (assuming the 1 uncommitted went for {B} ... not sure that this is the case, but it doesn't matter) we would have won 6 of 18 delegates. Math as it was done: 97 of 319 total delegates. That came out to .30407 X 18 = 5.47 CD delegates. Rounds to 5. Math as it should have been done: 97 of 317 total delegates. That equals .30599% x 18 = 5.507 CD Delegates. Rounds to 6. Proposed Solution: As the vote numbers are unavailable to us, we are proposing that an alternate from the same {area/district} fill the spot. *** The challenge has been submitted to the challenge committee which reports to the credentials committee. The challenge is referencing an election done by a different set of delegates at a previous, lower level meeting of different delegates. I'm not sure who 'we' is but I assume it is a proponent for {A}. The questions I have are as follows: Is this a violation of a continuing nature? If yes how do you fix as it is not practical to reconvene the previous delegates? Note: it is not in the bylaws but it is in a higher authority document. Is a delegate disqualified because the election was done wrong? What do you think of the proposed (not be me) solution?