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Found 3 results

  1. I am working on a team developing rules for a convention that includes a nominating committee. The nominating committee will choose a slate of delegates to be elected to go to our organizations National Assembly. There are 9 slots available and the nominating committee will nominate members for all nine. In a normal year we would go through the motions of taking nominations form the floor and there would be few if any other nominees. This year due to internal issues, we are expecting multiple nominations from the floor. I would not be surprised if we had another 20 people nominated. I am at a loss as to how to make this an orderly process. How do we elect 9 out of 29? Our custom has been to only allow nominations by nominating committee and from the floor the day of the convention so we won't even know the names or number of nominees in advance. Your thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mcpojdi


    I belong to the Fleet Reserve Association, an organization that consists of 300 branches. Normally, each branch elects from within it's membership, delegates to represent their branch at the annual convention. If a branch cannot send anyone, then they assign proxys, which can be any member in good standing, including from the Member at Large List. My problem is that one of our branches wants to assign someone not from their branch, as a delegate. I can't find anything specific in our Constitution and By Laws, or Roberts Rules, 11th edition that would prohibit them from electing a delegate from outside their branch. It seems to me that if that is the case, the what is a proxy used for? John D
  3. So I have a questions about a delegation trying to leave a convention without an office filled. In the North Central District association, officers are elected each year at the convention by delegates from each local chapter. If an office becomes vacant during the year, the office is filled by a majority of the rest of the officers via application process. This year, Rod and Barry are both running for Secretary at convention and are the only ones eligible to run (because they turned in their application packets in on time). As a whole, the delegation feels that neither one of them would do a good job. The delegation does not wish to suspend the rules and allow for nominations on the floor, but would like for the next set of officers to decide the Secretary. In this scenario, could the delegation vote to postpone the election of Secretary indefinitely, ensuring that the new officers choose the Secretary? Officers serve from convention to convention.