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Found 5 results

  1. I am a member of a school booster organization and at our last regular meeting the Nominating Committee presented their slate of officers for the election. The president sought reelection and was the sole person on the Committee's slate for the office of President, though there was other nominations. The President then quoted part of Robert's Rules regarding a slate for elections, saying typically there is only one nominee per office on the slate. The President then proceeded to say that the Nominating Committee decides the officers and there is no election. This was in our regular meeting in April. I know this is not right, and I voiced my concerns at the time in the meeting, but I did not have Robert's Rules or our By-Laws available at the time. My understanding is that under Robert's Rules the Nominating Committee creates a slate, then additional nominations can be taken from the floor and an election is held. I'm hoping someone can tell me where in Robert's Rules it speaks about this, because I can't seem to find it, and whether or not there is a way I can fix this at the next meeting so an actual election can be held. Below are our By-Laws regarding elections: Section 10.9 Elections Section 10.9.1 Nominating Committee Appointment: A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President at the regular March meeting each year. This committee shall meet before the regular April meeting to put together a slate of nominations from the active membership. Section 10.9.2 Presentation of Officer Nominees: The nominating committee will present their slate to the general membership at the regular April meeting. Nominations may be given to nominating committee no later than one week prior to the regular April meeting. The election of officers shall occur at the regular April meeting. Section 10.9.3 Vote Requirement: A majority vote of the membership present at the regular April meeting shall constitute an election. Section 10.9.4 Assume Office: Newly elected officers shall assume office on June 1; at the beginning of the new School year. Following the election, the incoming officers will serve along with current officers until June 1.
  2. The Treasurer has requested a "correction" to the minutes, based on information obtained after the meeting. Specifically, a checking account balance was reported during the meeting. After reviewing the draft minutes submitted for board review, the Treasurer reported that an estimated charge was, two days after the meeting, discovered to be a different amount, thus affecting the balance. It has been suggested that it would be proper to "correct" ( I.e., just record the new amount as if it had been so reported at the meeting) the minutes to reflect a new checking account balance, since board members were informed via email (several days after the meeting) of the correct charge. I maintain that there is no "mistake" in the minutes as properly recorded during the meeting and another method of correction should be used.
  3. I'm the president of a non-profit board and chair at the general and executive board meetings. The secretary was absent. Minute Taker #1 left midway through the meeting. So I asked Minute Taker #2 to continue taking the minutes. After the meeting the minutes were gathered to be delivered to the Secretary. Before the next meeting, I asked Minute Takers #1 and #2 to coordinate with the Secretary to prepare the minutes for the next meeting. However, I got no response. Due to some tension that surfaced, I had an inkling the minutes would not be produced at the next meeting due to the unresponsiveness when I asked for them. So, I prepared the minutes. At the next meeting, when I asked the Secretary to read the minutes, the response was "there are no Minutes." After some debate, they lied and said no one took minutes. So, I produced the minutes I typed up and after some debate, they were read. Though no one objected at the content of the minutes, they have objected that I was the one who wrote the minutes. When I asked whether or not the minutes would be approved as read, the only objection is "No, because you wrote them." I have informed them that if they object, they have to offer a correction in writing to attach to the minutes. But no one wants to correct anything. Finally, someone moved to vote whether or not to approve the minutes at the next meeting. The vote carried. At the next meeting, the same thing occurred. Only that time, I indicated we could not approve of the subsequent minutes until the prior minutes were approved. They protested that they didn't believe that was true and moved to not consider the minutes until it could be confirmed at the next meeting. At the subsequent executive board meeting, one of the members admitted to withholding Minutes Takers #1 minutes and now wanted to produce Minute Taker #1's minutes to be used instead of the Minutes written by me. Minute Taker #1's minutes are hand-written and not very detailed. Also, the person who withheld the minutes wrote some notes in her own hand-writing on Minute Taker #1's notes. Minute Taker #2's minutes have not yet surfaced. Minute Taker #1s minutes were not produced at the next board meeting though they had previously been emailed.. My questions are, what is the correct procedure for enforcing the Robert's rules and getting the minutes approved in this case? There are no corrections being offered, Is there a Robert's Rule that comes into play when there's been misconduct (i.e. withholding the Minute Taker #1's and #2's Minutes). Would it be appropriate to indicate, since there are no corrections the minutes are approved by unanimous consent (See RROO, pp. 354-355 and pp. 54-56)? Was it improper for me to offer the Minutes under the circumstances? If so, what would have been the proper procedure? Sorry about the length, but any guidance would be appreciated.
  4. Our City Council passed a Resolution to put a renewal levy on the ballot. The form used was provided to the City by the County many, many years ago, which we have used successfully many times (levy has been in place since 1959). The Secretary of State has decided that he doesn't like the title of the Resolution and wants it to say "Resolution Determining to Proceed ... " instead of "Resolution Declaring It Necessary to Levy a Tax in excess of the ten mill limitation". He also wants the actual ballot language included in the Resolution. Here's my problem and question: Legislation for ballot issues is due Wednesday, 08/07/13, to the Board of Elections, and our Council does not meet again before that date. Resolutions for tax levies cannot be passed as emergencies per our City Charter. Since the original purpose/intent of the Resolution was to put the renewal levy on the ballot, can I amend the Resolution to add the ballot language and change the title to include the words "determining to proceed" to satisfy the Board of Elections/Secretary of State OR does Council need to convene a meeting and pass a motion to "amend something previously adopted" to authorize me to make the changes? Your immediate response(s) would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  5. Guest

    Correcting Minutes

    I have a question regarding correcting minutes. When the Board or a Committee goes to approve the minutes of a previous meeting and there is a correction/error (typo primarily) in the minutes, do the actual minutes of the previous meeting have to be updated and replaced in our minute book? i.e. Moved by___ and seconded by ___ to approve the minutes of Jan1/13 with the following correction - Agenda item #3 - replace the word "nothing" with "noting". CARRIED. Do the Jan 1/13 minutes actually have to be updated and replaced or do the minutes of this meeting supercede it? Just need some clarification. Thank you.
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