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Found 5 results

  1. I serve on a board as the secretary. There have been a handful of instances recently where certain board members have not been forwarding correspondence that has been addressed to the board as a whole, or where an officer has provided the board with only an excerpt of an email. Some of this correspondence has dealt with legal issues. Should I make a motion requiring all board members to distribute to the entire board all correspondence they receive that is addressed to the board as a whole, or is there something in RONR that addresses this? Is there ever a situation in which an officer shou
  2. Guest


    What does RONR have to say about reporting correspondence in the minutes? There is a small town government body that routinely ignores recognizing all correspondence it has received in the minutes (not to mention not keeping a copy in the official files). While they sometimes announce during a meeting they have received a letter or e-mail from Mr. Doe, the minutes either don't reflect the topic or gist of the letter and sometimes overlook its having been received at all. Shouldn't the minutes, at minimum, reflect the date, from whom, and the topic(s) covered in the correspondence? Should a ful
  3. I belong to a deliberative body of a non-profit, and we are considering amendments to our by-laws. One of the proposals states that the definition of "mail" shall be as defined by the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order. However, my online searches for RROR's definition of "mail" have been fruitless. Does RROR define "mail?"
  4. As a guest at a Board meeting this week, "correspondence" was listed near the end of the agenda. By the time that part of the meeting (finally) rolled around, it was late and they postponed it until the next meeting. It appears, however, that they have been doing so for a couple of months and have yet to get to the correspondence. If it were just thank you letters etc., I'm thinking that would be fine, but a couple of the letters require action by the Board...and they aren't getting to the letters in the course of the meeting. I'm thinking they need to move these letters to "Unfinshed Business
  5. At the beginning of our meetings, the CEO presents a binder of information labelled "correspondence received" and expects us to adopt it as submitted, without summary, even though none of the board members has seen much of it until it is dropped on the table. Our we able to request that all correspondence be read aloud to us before we vote on its adoption? What is our responsibility after having adopted it? Are we at risk for not being aware of its contents?
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