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Found 2 results

  1. My HOA board is holding a vote via mail-in ballots on quite an unpopular amendment to CC&Rs. It requires a majority of all members to vote yes in order to pass. The deadline for receiving ballots has been moved twice already and the justification given is "lack of quorum". The election inspector is providing updates about the number of votes received to the HOA board and the board votes on extending the deadline. The question about the number of times the HOA board is allowed to move the deadline has been answered with - there is no limit. Is quorum something that applies to mail-in vote at all? Can voting procedure be stretched out indefinitely? What other problems do you see in this picture?
  2. Assume: Bylaws require only previous notice of amendment, without limitation of the period within which it must be acted upon (i.e., ordinary Robertian notice; no readings; no delays). Assume: In January, the general membership creates a Bylaw Committee. The charge of the Bylaws Committee is to create a full revision of the bylaws. The general membership fixes a "rush" deadline for the final report of the Bylaws Committee -- namely, the next regular meeting (February). Question: May the general membership act upon (adopt!) the revision in the February meeting (i.e., the same meeting as the final report of the Bylaws Committee)?
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