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Found 3 results

  1. I belong to a small nonprofit club. If some members do not agree with a decision made by the board, what is the correct action to take - if any? Am I correctly interpreting Robert's Rules if I tell my fellow discontented members that we need to give a notice to the club that we plan on asking for the decision to be rescinded? I was reading that if notice is not given, then the new motion has to be approved by 2/3 or the majority of the entire membership? If so, how do you know whether the approval has to come from 2/3 or majority? Or is there no recourse? I looked the bylaws and they state that the Board is given authority to manage the club's affairs and they shall adopt policies as they deem necessary, so I don't think the decision they made was outside their scope of power. I'm trying to figure out if we have anything we can do to overturn the decision - also how to do it the correct way.
  2. I have been appointed the Parliamentarian by the Regent/President of my Chapter of a National Society. There are several ladies who often take issue with what others have said and may take issue with my decisions as Parliamentarian. How do I handle this situation? One is a former State Protocol Chair and does not seem to understand the differences between protocol and Parliamentary procedures. The other just likes to argue for the sake of argument. Thank you for your assistance. Susan Spies
  3. Guest

    Executive sessions

    Must decisions made or votes taken in Executive Session be disclosed to the general public?
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