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Found 1 result

  1. This came up at my NAP unit meeting yesterday. I couldn't think of an answer from RONR. I'll generalize the situation. A local unit of a national organization elects (let's say) 2 delegates to the national convention. Under RONR, "the delegate has the duty...to be prepared on returning from the convention to present to his unit an information report of what transpired" (p. 605, l. 23ff). The unit meets monthly and follows the RONR standard order of business ("MRS SUN"). Under what category of business do the delegates report? The question expands to: a. should the delegate be considered and officer, and report under Reports of Officers? b. should the delegation be considered a special committee, and report under Special Committee Reports? c. should the delegate report be considered a special order, reported under Special Orders? d. should the delegate report simply come under New Business? Furthermore, is it a duty of each delegate to report, or can they (should they?) file a joint report that they choose between them as to which will present it if oral, but both sign if written? Just curious. Not a matter of grave concern.