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Found 3 results

  1. My organization has subordinate chapters with a yearly convention of voting delegates. Voting delegates are defined as current or past presidents in good standing. This year, the governing board has passed along a 40+page listing of proposed amendments to our by-laws. At the regular subordinate chapter meeting, am I required to read every single by-law and amendment for the membership? Traditionally, this has been done but most years, the list of proposals is very short. I suspect that reading and discussion of each of the proposed changes could potentially take several hours. Someone suggested that as the current president, I am the voting delegate and should already be entrusted by the electing body to vote in the best interest of our chapter. Can I forgo reading of all of these pages of proposals? If so, what language is used for the minutes? Do I need someone to make a motion?
  2. I would greatly appreciate your assistance. A challenge has been made as follows (I've tried to remove identifying information): On [DATE], {A} got 97 Delegates, {B} got 219, there was 1 uncommitted delegate. At the county convention, they seated 97 {B} delegates, 222 {B} delegates. We won 5 of 18 delegates to the {current/about to happen meeting}, but if you take away the 2 extra delegates seated (assuming the 1 uncommitted went for {B} ... not sure that this is the case, but it doesn't matter) we would have won 6 of 18 delegates. Math as it was done: 97 of 319 total delegates. That came out to .30407 X 18 = 5.47 CD delegates. Rounds to 5. Math as it should have been done: 97 of 317 total delegates. That equals .30599% x 18 = 5.507 CD Delegates. Rounds to 6. Proposed Solution: As the vote numbers are unavailable to us, we are proposing that an alternate from the same {area/district} fill the spot. *** The challenge has been submitted to the challenge committee which reports to the credentials committee. The challenge is referencing an election done by a different set of delegates at a previous, lower level meeting of different delegates. I'm not sure who 'we' is but I assume it is a proponent for {A}. The questions I have are as follows: Is this a violation of a continuing nature? If yes how do you fix as it is not practical to reconvene the previous delegates? Note: it is not in the bylaws but it is in a higher authority document. Is a delegate disqualified because the election was done wrong? What do you think of the proposed (not be me) solution?
  3. I am at conflict with the Inter fraternal council on my campus. Unfortunately my representative never attends meetings and is completely out of the loop with what my Fraternity is trying to do. Primarily amend a few different bylaws. I am trying to find out if there is a way the committee can motion to vote allowing me to represent in place of him at our next meeting. They bylaws they use bar us from having a second delegate unless he was approved of at the first meeting. I have searched the Robert Order of Law which is what the committee runs off of for everything not stated in their bylaws. Is there a way the committee can monition to vote allowing me to represent my Fraternity through the Robert order of Law or will i have to drag our representative there and spend a few hours briefing him on what we needed done?
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