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Found 2 results

  1. When the club's slate of officers for the upcoming year (as compiled by the nominating committee) is past the deadline for distribution to the membership, does that deem the slate null and void? Our club Bylaws do not specify what the penalty is for a slate not being out to the membership by the deadline.
  2. We are a non-profit social club and our activities consist of monthly meeting, luncheons, games etc. to participate (play games) you must be a member, if you are eligible to be a member you may attend two (2) functions prior to payment of membership dues. Most of the games are played in members homes, if game requires say 8 to play and only 7 members show up, then a non-member may Sub to make the 8 but according to the rules that same Sub can only play twice before becoming a member.. A small number of members have not paid their dues and are effectively no longer members as of July1, the Boar
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