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Found 3 results

  1. Are motions required to open discussions that don't require a vote? Or, should all action based discussions require a vote. We often have discussions to guide general direction and further development of an agenda item---seeking consensus on the direction, without a formal vote---should this informal "consensus-seeking" be put to a vote instead? Is there another less formal, but more appropriate process for "reaching consensus"?
  2. Our organization's board is bringing forward a resolution to rescind a four-year old moton for a number of reasons. The person who made the motion four years ago insists that before the organization can do so, each member should be supplied with a package that includes all of the presentations, other motions, and discussions that led to the motion that is being brought forward for rescinding. I am unable to find anything in Robert's Rules about such a process being a requirement before a motion can be rescinded. Am I not looking in the right places?
  3. Guest

    Work Sessions

    Is there something that says that Board Memebers can't come together and simply discuss topics and it's history? New Board Members appear every year so I, as President, schedule a work session when just Board Members can sit down and update new people about the developement. No voting, no directing, just getting new members up to speed. I typically have one every 5 months. It's not the right time during a Board Meeting to do this?
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