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Found 2 results

  1. parkourninja

    Election with no majority

    If a candidate is running unopposed for a position and does not receive a majority vote, what provisions are in place for filling the office? Is there a such thing as a special election?
  2. The suggestion has been made that our board should hold an election at our our May monthly meeting to fill a mid-term officer vacancy that will become effective June 1. As noted in a related topic with a very different focus, "President resigns; who becomes President?" our bylaws are silent on the entire question of mid-term vacancies. The bylaws do, however, designate RONR as our parliamentary authority. With these points in mind, I searched RONR for something that would support an election to fill a mid-term vacancy that had not yet occurred. I stopped searching when I came across the following item in a list of valid reasons to contest an election: "If there was a previously valid election for the same term, the subsequent election of another is the adoption of a main motion conflicting with one still in force." [RONR 11th Ed., p.445, l. 23-25] My amateur's interpretation of the above citation is that the mid-term vacancy must actually occur before we can hold an election to fill that vacancy. Is that a correct interpretation? I would appreciate any comments and citations you care to offer.