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  1. I always thought that elections (for boardmembers or officers) need previous notice but could not such a rule. Am I just making rules up? Also was puzzling if the board has the authority to appoint/ elect replacement boardmembers!/officers can the previous notice be omitted if all boardmembers are present (so no absentees rights are harmed) ? In my opinion previous notice is still needed, to prevent railroading , but would like to hear opinions of others. (Off course if there is no rule prescribing previous notice this is a bit out of order)
  2. I thought know how to do this , but I was wrong. Elections always seem to be more complicated than expected. And it looks like RONR does not give guidance an it. So here the problem: An organization has to elect three general directors by mail in voting. There are 6 nominations. - how many candidates may the members put on their ballot? (3 seems reasonable but can result that 4 candidates get a majority, what to do then?) After all ballots are received: - how do you decide what a majority is if not all ballots have the maximum number of different candidates
  3. Our by laws call for the nominating committee to submit a slate of candidates, which is posted both at our facility and on line 30 days before the election. The by-laws also allow for "nominations from the floor." This sometimes creates confusion, as we must then determine the eligibility of the floor nominee "on the fly." (Our by laws have some specific requirements for officers, as well as a minimum duty requirement.) Even before the pandemic, we sometimes had difficulty getting a quorum, and on some occasions in the past, some members have used the option of floor nomination to "stack the
  4. Need help with procedure. My organization needs to elect new officers. We sent out a call asking people to nominate others or themselves for the positions. We then sent all entries to the nominating committee. The nomination committee confirmed all nominated had the credentials to be on the board.. So I need to know next steps on how to conduct this appropriately. Should the nominating committee then prepare a slate of officers and have the membership electronically vote to approve the whole ballot. Or should each office be voted on individually and list each of the candidates who were
  5. Our school PTO's bylaws say that in order to be a member "in good standing," one must have attended at least 3 previous meetings. However, we are about to have our election, and for most of the offices, no one "in good standing" wants to run for office. We do have some newer members who are willing to run, but they have attended fewer then 3 meetings (and for some, it will be their first meeting). As a PTO, our organization has a high turnover rate because kids graduate, so we lose 1/3 of our membership every year, and they are replaced with completely new members. We of course want to ch
  6. A notice for a special meeting of a local chapter (to be held September 25) goes out and the only agenda item is "Election of Officers." The bylaws state that members in good standing may vote. Conversely, you are not in good standing for a litany of reasons including "...not paying the membership dues for the new fiscal year by the designated date." The new year begins October 1. The designated date was September 20 and again the election meeting is September 25. A few members feel the meaning of the bylaws is ambiguous and thought that good standing would be taken away in the new fiscal yea
  7. Guest

    Bylaws and Elections

    I am a member of a national club. Our members are all over the US. Our Bylaws state that a nominating committee is to be formed and announce their nominations on or before August 1st. Individuals can then petition to be on the ballot by August 24th. The bylaws go on to state "SECTION 3: Annual Election - The election of officers and delegate to The American Kennel Club (who may but need not be a director or officer of the Club) shall be conducted by secret ballot. Voting for candidates, if necessary, shall take place in September. The Secretary or an independent firm should send, receive and c
  8. I'm an employee of a student union incorporated under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA) (https://laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/c-7.75/FullText.html), and every year we hold an "Annual Ratification Meeting" of members, the purpose of which is to officially elect new directors and officers who have already been "elected" by students through public elections, and referred to the meeting based on this. Our bylaws state that this meeting is not to occur after May 1 of a given year, and that quorum is 35 in person, 50 including proxy votes. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, even thoug
  9. I am in an organization which had an elected officer resign. Our Bylaws state that "All officers are elected by ballot, except the Parliamentarian who shall be appointed by the President." Our outgoing President accepted the resignations of two elected officers and appointed their replacements before she left office. A couple of the members raised a point of order as this is a violation of our documents. The President responded that since our organization documents say that "The Election of officers shall be held at the November meeting of each year. The following offices shall be filled
  10. I am currently the President of a 5-member Board of Directors for a senior housing cooperative in Minnesota. The other officers are a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The term of office for all officers is one year. There are seven months left in that period. Yesterday, for personal and/or health reasons, our Vice President has submitted her letter of immediate resignation from the Board and therefore also from her office as our Vice President. Five months ago, the five officers were elected in the order of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. When the Vice Presid
  11. Background A slate of officers has already been presented to the general members this month. All those nominated accepted the nomination before being placed on the slate by the Nominating Committee. The election of officers will take place during next month's general meeting per bylaws. In the meantime, one of those on the slate has now removed their name for consideration BEFORE next month's the election. This person was the only one on the slate for that given officer position. What do we need to do to fill that position? 1) Open up nominations again during next month's meeting, al
  12. Our National club held an election. Voting was conducted on line hosted by an independent firm. The VP assisted the Secretary with setting up the List of members and the election on the site. She was one of the candidates running against another person. There were some emails changed (one allowing a member to cast two ballots by voting for his recently deceased spouse) and Members added (and most removed) who joined after the cut off time for participating in the election. These actions were done by the VP Election has been completed, but results not released The question
  13. We have several thousand members in our professional organization and the membership's annual business meeting is only once per year, usually in July or August. The Board meets right after the business meeting and in Nov or Dec. The bylaws allow for a Board that has elected officers, elected directors, and regional directors (elected by regional chapters in accord with their own rules). For the elected directors, the bylaws specify that a nominating committee puts forward some names and that list is sent to the membership ahead of the election, with a call for nominations by petition. This hap
  14. I am a member of a school booster organization and at our last regular meeting the Nominating Committee presented their slate of officers for the election. The president sought reelection and was the sole person on the Committee's slate for the office of President, though there was other nominations. The President then quoted part of Robert's Rules regarding a slate for elections, saying typically there is only one nominee per office on the slate. The President then proceeded to say that the Nominating Committee decides the officers and there is no election. This was in our regular meeting in
  15. Hello, friends-- First, thank you all for the help you've provided me in the past; it has been indispensable to helping me fulfill the duties of parliamentarian for my society. I have what I think is a very quick, non-urgent question. I have looked through RONR 11th and can't seem to find a direct answer to this: If the procedure for the appointment of chairs of standing committees is not established in the by-laws (or anywhere else for that matter), and the committee chair's seat vacates after the initial appointment of a chair (for example, when the committee chair's term is up), i
  16. Good day. I have a couple of questions regarding our associations bylaws and upcoming Board election. We have 3 categories of members: 1. Regular (includes active and retired members), 2. Associate and 3. Honorary. Our bylaws state (in part)" Regular members are both active and retired members..." An addendum was added to the bylaws (still questionable as to how) creating a 4th membership class, "Retired Member", that states "one Board seat shall be for a retired member, and shall be elected by retired members"... Just a quick background, originally the reference to "Retired member" was for me
  17. Every year three seats of a nine-member board are up for election. Our election rules also state, “the board may only fill vacancies in its membership to serve until the next annual or duly noticed special association meeting. Notice of a special association meeting to fill vacancies shall include notice of the election. Any special association meeting to fill vacancies shall be held on a date that allows sufficient time for owners to declare their intention to run for election and to solicit proxies for that purpose.” And regarding any special meetings of the associ
  18. Say the officers of an organization are a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, listed in that order in the by-laws and, per RONR, elected in that order. However, following several rounds of balloting for vice-president, it becomes clear that the vice-presidential election will take much longer than expected, posing the risk that quorum will be lost (as members leave as the night drags on) before the last two elections can take place. Would it be in order to suspend the rules and elect the secretary and treasurer before the vice-president?
  19. Guest

    electronic voting

    My golf association is revising our bylaws and the subject of electronic voting came up. The discussion centered around utilizing some kind of technology platform designed for this process only in the annual election of officers. Currently, our nominations committee comes up with a slate (1 candidate per position), then we can take nominations from the floor at our September meeting. Then we have the election at the October meeting. We currently allow absentee voting for the election of officers only. The idea around electronic voting is that we could announce the slate and take nomi
  20. Our homeowners association uses cumulative voting and also allows for voting by proxy. For the election of board members, an association meeting is required. Quorum is a majority of owners by percentage of common interests. Every year at least three seats on the board are open; there are a total of nine seats. To be elected, a board member must have the majority of votes. This year, we have three open seats and six candidates. If 51% of owners are present in person or by proxy and satisfy the quorum requirements, then is 3 (seats) x 51 (percent present) equal to the number
  21. I recently joined a new volunteer fire department. I have been a member less than a year. I used to be in abother department for 13 years. We have some well detailed but somewhat cumbersome rules. However it appears as our by laws were violated about 6 months ago but nobody raised a point of order at the time. I am wondering if it is too late to do so. We have two types of officers, executive and operational. The executive side runs the organization and the operational side commands at emergencies. There are various requirements for operational officers that increase with rank. It is the
  22. Where if any does the Election of Officers come to playon the Agenda? We are not sure if it is Unfinished Business or New Business. Our By-laws doesn't address this.
  23. Can a person be nominated for a position that they do not hold all the qualifications for, as long as they will meet said qualifications prior to taking office, should they win he election.
  24. Hello, I just found this group and this is my first post so please forgive me if I don't do it quite right. I am an officer of the American Belgian Hare Club. Our breed club is one of many under the American Rabbit Breeders Association. We are a National breed club which recently incorporated as a 501 (a) not for profit organization in IL. As a breed club we believed that whatever wasn't contained in our C & BL was covered by ARBA. ARBA does not permit youth to vote. We as a breed club have never had our youth vote since forming the club in 1972. The election for Vice
  25. Suppose that an assembly conducts a ballot vote for an election and no one is elected after the first round of balloting because no candidate receives a majority vote. Is debate automatically reopened?If not, is a motion to reopen debate in order? What vote is required?
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