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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a legal cite to support the electoral process employed below? 5 candidates, one deceased , 3 will be elected (one of the three by "declaration" of the board?) How should the election have been conducted according to Robt's Rules? Is there precedent? "...As most of you are aware our community lost a beloved member and neighbor when ***** passed suddenly a week ago. ***** was a sitting Director on our community board and was one of the five candidates running in the upcoming BOD election. As ballots have already gone out and we are in the middle of our voting period, this board is faced with the decision of how to move forward while best honoring *****’s memory. After consulting our legal counsel on the appropriate path forward, we were advised this approach allows us to align with our bylaws and simultaneously allow *****’s friends and family to vote for him in memory, as he cannot be elected posthumously. The following guidance is being provided: There will be no changes made to the current ballot. All five original candidates including *****’s name will remain on the ballot. All ballots that have already been cast shall remain valid. All members who have yet to vote, will be afforded the opportunity to vote in-accordance with the timeline and processes previously announced (electronic, email, mail, phone or in person the night of election). On election night, all votes shall be tallied by Vote Now (our Holder of Election) and the top three candidates receiving most votes will be announced and elected for three year terms. Should ***** be one of the top three, he will be so recognized in memoriam but then the fourth candidate receiving the most votes shall be announced and elected to fill that three year term. The board feels that this is the best way to ensure fairness to all of our candidates and continuity within our election process while honoring our good friend and neighbor. "
  2. Any member can be voted for during an election vote regardless of if they are nominated or not, accorrding to Robert's rules of order. However, would it be permitted to move that the privilege of write-in voting be suspended for the duration of the actual ballot casting to streamline the proc
  3. As nominating committee chair, I have been receiving self nominations for multiple positions, i.e. Reporter and Board of Directors. I am wondering if this is allowed or if the individual member should only be allowed one position of nomination and has to rescind the other? Also, in my organization's bylaws there are officers who are appointed Board of Directors positions by default of their election, i.e. the President is appointed a member by default of election. Given this, is there a conflict for an individual to run for both President and an electable Board of Director's position? I am assuming this to be a situation where the individual would have to choose one office to run and rescind the other prior to balloting but I need confirmation of this. Please let me know. Thanks!
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