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Found 2 results

  1. Guest


    Can a member of the nominating committee run for office - from the floor?
  2. Hi. Our club has elections coming up at our next meeting. The nominating committee's report was just emailed out to the members, but seems to me they must have screwed up royally. At least one person who I know was nominated for president does not appear on the list and has told me she doesn't know why she isn't. At least one other person who is on the list, says she was never asked if she was going to run again for this office. There are probably other errors I'm not necessarily privy to. I'm not on the board or anything, just a general member, but I can't let this slide by. The current president has no grasp of parliamentary procedure and has said he didn't want to run again yet his name is on the report as the sole nominee for president. It's not a mistake, this is the report the president forwarded to the webmaster for distribution to the membership. I'm not finding anything in our bylaws or Robert's Rules about what to do when the nominating committee screws up like this. What to do in this situation? I can't feel any confidence that the current president knows to call for nominations from the floor. Do I try to move that the election be postponed until the error can be fixed? Do I try to force the president to call for nominations from the floor? that's all I've been able to come up with. It's a mess and no one wants to create a stink but this is too much to let slide. Thanks for any suggestions.
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