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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Voting Website

    We are a Band Booster organization whose members are comprised of parents/legal guardians of students enrolled in the band program at a public high school. A good number of our eligible actively participating members are unable to attend meetings due to their professions (over the road truck driver, ER Nurse working mostly night shifts, etc.). These individuals have expressed their concern that because they cannot attend meetings that they do not have a way to cast a vote in an Executive Board Election. Our by-laws state that to vote you must be in attendance at the meeting when the voting is taking place and the final section of our by-laws state that Roberts's rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the final authority as to parliamentary procedure. Based on several of the topics of discussion I read on this site - Electronic Voting and/or Absentee is not valid. When Robert's Rules of Order was written I am sure that no one of that time could fathom the technology we now have available. Some of these members wanted to introduce an amendment to our by-laws to be able to use a method of voting via a voting program or website which tracked the members vote under their individual account and the web voting would be closed 30 minutes prior to the start of that meeting. We need a viable voting option to offer these members who truly feel, and for the lack of better word, "Disenfranchised" from the voting process due to their profession and inability to attend meetings in person to vote. What are your thoughts and recommendations.
  2. Using Roberts Rules of Order what is required for electronic voting on a motion
  3. Using Roberts Rules of Order what is required for electronic voting on a motion
  4. If a board convenes a properly called telephonic meeting (quorum not an issue) and determines during that meeting that there will be action requiring a vote and that the vote will take place by accessing and submitting an electronic ballot at the conclusion of the call (and through the weekend), then if a member has not submitted a ballot (voted) has that member abstained from the vote? Or is something more affirmative required by that member to record an abstention? If not abstention, then how is it recognized?
  5. Guest

    Electronic Voting

    My organization is looking to change their structure/constitution/bylaws. Our governing document does not address electronic votes. When we are meeting in person the organization requires 51% of the membership present in order to vote and 2/3 of that group to pass a change like this. They are going to do an electronic vote and say that 2/3 of the votes need to be in the affirmative, with no regard to the number of votes cast. If five members vote out of the 150 members, and three vote in the affirmative, the changes will pass. This does not seem correct to me. Is there anything that specifically addresses this? Thanks in advance. Jason
  6. An special board meeting was called but not all elected Board members could attend. We were one short for a quorum to vote on an event to take place - 6 voted yes, needed 7. Minutes and discussion were sent to 5 board members not in attendance. Can they vote even though they were not at the meeting? There is nothing in our bylaws about electronic voting. We are on a tight time schedule - if all agree to accept these votes, is it ok?
  7. Guest

    Electronic Voting

    How do you handle this situation? Our bylaws state that our Board of Directors can vote electronically, but it does not state anything else. My organization has been conducting electronic votes for years and stating that we must have 100% vote from all directors and the vote needs to be unanimous. I have asked the paid executive in our organization where this is at. He is looking, but i do not see it in our Bylaws or Policy and Procedure Manual. Our Bylaws state that we should refer to the most recent addition of Robert's Rules of Order. I do not have a copy in my possession. How is this issue addressed there?
  8. Guest

    Electronic voting

    Our local cultural organization of 300 members is considering whether or not to allow electronic voting and wondered about other organization's experiences, both good and bad. The nominating committee chooses one candidate per office and the ballot has a space for write-in. Concerns include vote secrecy, how to insure against fraud and whether it gives too much advantage to the nominating committee candidate.
  9. At an AGM it was tabled do to improper time frame of notification, a "Special Meeting" was announced and was held, no quorum present. Can we accept electronic voting. We are trying to revise By Laws, Constitution, Rules and regulations.
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