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Found 4 results

  1. I wondered what Robert's Rules has to say about meeting and voting by email. I found this link (http://ualr.edu/jdberleant/papers/email-meetings.html#ref1), which aligns with my previous experience on boards and committees, but the rulesonline.com site doesn't seem to have any mention of email. In my particular situation, I attended our homeowners association board meeting to ask for clarification on one of their covenants. They talked like they would handle it via email to expedite matters, which I thought would mean a formal discussion in the minutes and a vote via email. Instead, they di
  2. Guest

    electronic voting

    My golf association is revising our bylaws and the subject of electronic voting came up. The discussion centered around utilizing some kind of technology platform designed for this process only in the annual election of officers. Currently, our nominations committee comes up with a slate (1 candidate per position), then we can take nominations from the floor at our September meeting. Then we have the election at the October meeting. We currently allow absentee voting for the election of officers only. The idea around electronic voting is that we could announce the slate and take nomi
  3. Our board has an ASIE that allows meetings to be public "with the exception of necessary interim business conducted via any electronic means available." If that's the case and all members are on the elist, doesn't that constitute a meeting of the board? What would be the procedure for excluding a board member from the elist?
  4. RONR does not allow electronic or telephonic meetings without it being clearly stated in the bylaws. From what I have read RONR does not speak to electronic session, therefore as electronic sessions allowable since RONR does not specifically mention it? Is traditional ever a factor in RONR? For example, if telephonic meetings have been conducted for many years with no objection by was not authorized via the bylaws can they still be done after an objection? Since these meetings were not allowed in the bylaws does that nullify the meetings including the votes?
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