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Found 5 results

  1. Our Bylaws state that after three unexcused absences a Director can be removed from the Board. Three years ago this happened and now the person wants to be a candidate in our upcoming election. Is the person eligible?
  2. Is a member of a Board committee eligible to vote on a motion to approve committee meeting minutes for a mtg at which the member was not present? Is a former member of a Board comm. eligible to vote on minutes of a mtg they attended while on the comm?
  3. Guest

    Candidate eligibility

    Assuming that all Board candidates come from our general membership, who determines the specific requirements each candidate to be "eligible"? What happens in the case where a candidate does not meet the published requirements of the Board position? Are there examples of specific requirements for a candidate to be considered "eligible" that I can locate? Thank you!
  4. Not all members of a body I am a member of are eligible to vote on all matters. Is someone who is not eligible to vote on a particular motion eligible to vote on a motion to suspend the rules regarding the motion (in this particular case, to suspend the rules requiring a second reading of a motion)?
  5. We currently have a husband/wife board combo each receiving 1 vote. Our President would now like to add his wife to our board, and another board member would like to add his wife as well. This would mean 6 votes of our 10 person board would be occupied between 3 households. We are a 501c3 organization. Does Roberts Rule of Orders say anything about that? I see it as a chance for collusion and an act of poor governing? The current husband/wife combo has stated they have no problem stepping down.
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