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Found 2 results

  1. Can an organization that has adopted Roberts Rules of Order, Most Recent Edition;🤫 a) Propose amendments to the By-Laws through email, between annual meetings (the org in question only has annual meetings) that have been so-submitted by a duly elected Executive Board?, and; b) Allow absentee voting on said amendments and then rule (announced by the above-mentioned Exec Bd at the emailed introduction of same) that because of absentee balloting that amendments from the floor at the annual meeting to these proposed By-Law amendment proposals shall not be in order, but would have to be submitted for consideration at the next annual meeting?
  2. Can an organization that has adopted Roberts Rules, Newly Revised adopt a rule between meetings through its Executive Board to allow the Board to a) Present amendments of the By-Laws to the membership through email between annual meetings despite a by-law that requires all such amendments to be submitted at a previous annual meeting for consideration at the following annual meeting and to; b). Allow absentee voting on these amendments despite no by-law or rule allowing for absentee voting and then; c). State that because of allowing absentee voting that no amendments from the floor to those published by-law amendments will be allowed at the annual meeting?
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