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Found 20 results

  1. I wondered what Robert's Rules has to say about meeting and voting by email. I found this link (http://ualr.edu/jdberleant/papers/email-meetings.html#ref1), which aligns with my previous experience on boards and committees, but the rulesonline.com site doesn't seem to have any mention of email. In my particular situation, I attended our homeowners association board meeting to ask for clarification on one of their covenants. They talked like they would handle it via email to expedite matters, which I thought would mean a formal discussion in the minutes and a vote via email. Instead, they discussed it informally and I just got a reply from the president with what I assume was the consensus (no vote was made). The president is telling me now that there's no voting via email. I also don't know if they will show me the email thread, so at this point the process has not been transparent or open. I asked to see their emails on the topic but so far I've not been given them. I thought if you had a email discussion with a quorum of members, then it was to be available to review. Jeremy
  2. Our bylaws state, “Voting by proxy and/or absentee ballot is prohibited.” And— “ARTICLE XV: AMENDMENTS These PTA bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (%) vote of the members present and voting, a quorum having been met, at any general membership meeting, provided that these requirements have been complied with” Can the executive board and membership vote on bylaws amendments via email?
  3. My organization typically holds board meetings at the beginning of the 2nd week of the month. Those minutes are published in the newsletter, which is distributed in the first week of the month, following the approval of those minutes. This timing means the board meeting minutes aren't distributed to the membership until nearly 2 months after the meeting took place. We are looking for a proper way to distribute those minutes sooner than 2 months after the meeting. An earlier reply on this subject states: "You cannot approve the minutes via email unless the bylaws allow for voting via email." Our bylaws contain the following statement: "Voting by Board members can be oral or by a show of hands, if meeting in person, or via electronic transmissions at the discretion of the presiding officer." Is this statement sufficient to allow the board to approve board meeting minutes via email? Our current practice is to have the recording secretary send the minutes to all board members, allow several days for corrections, then send a final version of the corrected minutes several days after that.
  4. Guest

    email notice

    Our bylaws are governed by RONR. For our annual meeting they require that the secretary "mail" notice of the slate of officers to voting members 30 days prior to the annual meeting. Our secretary wants to email instead of using US mail. Do the rules permit this method?
  5. Guest

    Email voting

    Our club wants to allow mail voting via email. I know the rules do not allow either mail or email voting. However, do the rules allow bylaws to be changed to allow it?
  6. Guest

    Mail/Email ballots

    Is there a minum number of days that we must give committee members to return their chair/vice chair election ballots that were sent to them by either US mail or email? There is nothing in our bylaws that addresses this issue. Thank you!
  7. I am the new Chairman and we are having difficulty getting a quorum for the Executive Committee (EC). Therefore, we are in the process of developing an email procedure where an email notice is used to call for a meeting to get a Motion, 2nd, then Discussion then taking a vote. Here is what I am proposing, and am asking for your input: I as Chairman will send out an email asking for the Executive Committee to convene via email. I will propose an Agenda with an issue identified as New Business. - only that issue will be addressed and none other while that agenda item is discussed. - the discussion will be restricted to it alone. - all replies have to be to Reply All - I will set an end date and time for this agenda item I will explain the issue that is being brought forward as best as I can in my email. if not clear then the clarification will happen either in one of two ways: - Someone will ask a question and I will respond to all. - Or it may come out in the discussion Then someone from the EC will make a Motion. Then I will acknowledger the Motion to the email group. Then someone will Second the Motion. Then after I have received the Second, I will acknowledge the Second and Open the Discussion on the Motion. Then the Discussion can begin. At the end of the time limit I will send out an email that now a vote is requested. Does anyone have a similar type process that meets the Roberts Rules of Order?
  8. Is it acceptable to make motions and vote by email?
  9. I serve on a board that has been in the habit of voting via email between meetings. There is nothing in our bylaws to either allow or disallow this practice. When I first inquired about whether or not this was allowed, I was told "We've done it before." Thankfully, another board member replied, "Yes, but that wasn't her question." Since then, we seem to rely more and more on voting via email. Since the decisions are all about money (or more specifically, spending it), I would like to see it addressed in the bylaws moving forward. The topic will be on our next agenda. I have my opinions on the pros and cons of this practice. I am curious to get some feedback on how to best approach the matter. Thank you.
  10. Our HOA Just had an election regarding an in house Resident Manager. A Committee was formed to elect Three Candidates, All three were presented and we moved forward to voting first by a motion to eliminating the third (bad idea in retrospect), then BLIND BALLOT Casted for the remaining two. First issue was that there was a TIE (3-3), We are a Nine Member board, we had quorum of more than five (6 specifically), however the PRESIDENT Could not confirm wether a Majority Vote of Quorum members was all that was needed or a Majority of Total board (5). Therefore we closed to discuss the options with our MANAGING AGENT the following day since she was not present at the meeting. Overnight, someone called to change his vote from one candidate to the other Via Phone to our Managing Agent thereby supposedly yielding a Majority. Re-vote was declared via email, however a motion to reconsider candidates was made, and seconded before any second to revote or even official statement motion to revote was made. Is this change of vote automatically considered acceptable and the majority automatically accepted even though it was a blind vote and session closed without continuance issued or will it only count towards a RE-Vote? At this point is a motion to revote necessary? IF So is a motion to reconsider Acceptable from either side voting party since no Majority was declared? If the motion to re-vote is unnecessary and considered automatic then the rest is Moot except for the fact that voting was conducted via email which our by-laws has no specifications regarding the rights of doing so. I believe his change of vote is null for the instance regarding the results of the closed ballot conducted the previous night. It is acceptable change for the revote, however that seems to be a motion that needs to be declared. IN light of a motion to re-vote so too should we consider a motion and second to reconsider before moving forward in voting. The president stood by his decision to allow the automatic revote, tallied new votes (4-0) since the two that motion had abstained, new RM installed. I can not push forward any wrong doing at this point, but as matter of teaching and educating the board, and myself I would love to hear your perspective in accord with ROR. I have read motions regarding votes, and ties, and this is very gray from what I could gather from the existing forums. Unfortunately the formality of Roberts rules is mostly not considered in most board meetings, however, state statutes regarding Condo. Associations specifically recommend we conduct business with such guidance and formality. Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much) KB
  11. If you don't have a Quorum at ex meeting. Can you use email to get a motion passed?
  12. If you don't have a Quorum at ex meeting. Can you use email to get a motion passed?
  13. Guest

    Vote by Email

    We are a small group that meets 3 to 4 times a year. An amendment to the by-laws has been posted for the membership to view. Can a vote be taken by email once the 30 day posting requirement has passed?
  14. I belong to a deliberative body of a non-profit, and we are considering amendments to our by-laws. One of the proposals states that the definition of "mail" shall be as defined by the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order. However, my online searches for RROR's definition of "mail" have been fruitless. Does RROR define "mail?"
  15. Guest

    voting via e-mail

    Can an item be voted on by e-mail, if so what are the procedures?
  16. Guest


    Does an email between a board member and a member of an association have to be shared with the entire board if it is involving an ongoing item being addressed by the board?
  17. have there been any changes caused by email and the internet? can business be transpired via email between board meetings? can we bring up new topics? or only discuss old business via email? how about email voting? quorums? can a membership be asked for a proxy vote via email using email address as a "signiture"
  18. Guest

    Voting By Email

    My Board has 13 Voting Members. We recently did an email poll to expend funds with results as follows: 5 Voted “Yes”-Expend the funds 4 Voted “No”-Do Not Expend the Funds 4 Did not Respond While a majority of returned votes (5/9) said yes, I am concerned that I do not have a simple majority of the total possible votes (7/13). Is that a valid concern or does this satisfy the majority vote? Comments welcome-and thank you very much for your opinion.
  19. Can an executive board or general membership use email to conduct voting?
  20. Guest

    Email vote on motions

    Can our Board of Directors start and vote on motions by email? Our bylaws state that they can only call for special meetings by phone or mail. It seems to me that they can do anything they want to this way because it is hidden and our members know nothing about what is going on until our regularly scheduled monthly meeting. They have managed to pass many motions this way that a majority of our members do not agree with.
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