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Found 7 results

  1. I wondered what Robert's Rules has to say about meeting and voting by email. I found this link (http://ualr.edu/jdberleant/papers/email-meetings.html#ref1), which aligns with my previous experience on boards and committees, but the rulesonline.com site doesn't seem to have any mention of email. In my particular situation, I attended our homeowners association board meeting to ask for clarification on one of their covenants. They talked like they would handle it via email to expedite matters, which I thought would mean a formal discussion in the minutes and a vote via email. Instead, they di
  2. Guest

    voting via e-mail

    Can an item be voted on by e-mail, if so what are the procedures?
  3. Guest


    Does an email between a board member and a member of an association have to be shared with the entire board if it is involving an ongoing item being addressed by the board?
  4. have there been any changes caused by email and the internet? can business be transpired via email between board meetings? can we bring up new topics? or only discuss old business via email? how about email voting? quorums? can a membership be asked for a proxy vote via email using email address as a "signiture"
  5. Guest

    Voting By Email

    My Board has 13 Voting Members. We recently did an email poll to expend funds with results as follows: 5 Voted “Yes”-Expend the funds 4 Voted “No”-Do Not Expend the Funds 4 Did not Respond While a majority of returned votes (5/9) said yes, I am concerned that I do not have a simple majority of the total possible votes (7/13). Is that a valid concern or does this satisfy the majority vote? Comments welcome-and thank you very much for your opinion.
  6. Can an executive board or general membership use email to conduct voting?
  7. Can our Board of Directors start and vote on motions by email? Our bylaws state that they can only call for special meetings by phone or mail. It seems to me that they can do anything they want to this way because it is hidden and our members know nothing about what is going on until our regularly scheduled monthly meeting. They have managed to pass many motions this way that a majority of our members do not agree with.
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