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Found 2 results

  1. I am the Parliamentarian of my fraternity. About a year ago, we added ex officio members to our committees (such as the Treasure on the Fundraising and Finance Committee). My question is, are these ex officio members allowed to head the committee itself? Many of the committee heads are ex officio members, which I don't think should be the case, however, I do think positions such as Treasurer, Historian, Pledgemaster, etc... should head the committee where most of their work is taking place. I honestly think we need to get rid of all of our ex officio committee members because I don't really see a point in having them. If anybody has had similar issues and can back me up, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Our Condo Board of Managers meets monthly. The meeting is attended by all board members and also the Board's attorney. The attorney occasionally speaks on issues, legal and non-legal. She does not have voting rights. The by-laws do not specifically provide that the attorney has a right to be there and we have never voted on the matter. I am wondering if RONR provides limitations on this attorney to speak at the meeting. Have we waived any right to exclude or prevent the attorney from speaking? Could they be classified as an Ex Officio member since they are technically appointed by the board? Also, if they could be an Ex Officio member, do they enjoy full speaking rights? Thanks for your Consideration, Pat
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