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Found 6 results

  1. The Executive Board of a local committee has a rather reluctant chairman who cancels any (Exec Board) meetings when anyone, other than himself, requests one. I cannot find any reference as to who may call a meeting anywhere in the committee's bylaws, its plan of organization or RROR. I'm hoping to cite a specific section in Robert's (if one exists) since I'm anticipating further pushback from the chairman. Thanks in advance. George
  2. Hi, 1. We are a teachers union, when we have district wide steward meetings should the Executive Board Sit up front behind/to the side of the speaker? 2. We do not have a Sargent of Arms and do we need one to make sure ONLY Stewards show up at the meetings and not just any one, including members? 3. How does one become an Official Parliamentarian? 4. How do we have one or find an Official Parliamentarian to come to our meetings on a regular basis since this process is new to us? Some people are abusing Rules of Roberts Order (they only go by what the book says as per their decis
  3. My question is regarding a church annual meeting that uses Roberts' Rules. 1. Must budget line items (and total operating budget) be passed by a 2/3 majority or does a simple majority suffice? 2. If a budget salary line item is amended on annual meeting floor by a congregation member, despite the fact that an Executive Board is charged by church bylaws to sign all contracts and employ all personnel, does the annual meeting vote trump the Executive Board vote's vote (to employ that person for less money than the annual meeting voted for, by a very close margin)? THANK YOU for any help with thes
  4. I am the newly appointed President of a Ladies Club covering 700+ homes. The prior Board (executive board and standing committee chairs) conducted their last Board meeting just prior to the end of their term. In those minutes this Board has mandated that the Club from now on shall 1) only hold meetings in a certain location; 2) that all 50/50 proceeds be given to a certain charity; and 3) that the annual kick-off meeting only be a social event with no business discussed. These minutes are recorded and have been distributed to members of the prior Board. A courtesy copy was presented to me so
  5. The bylaws are not silent on the removal of officers or board members. The provisions are shown below. The question is whether, under Robert, the board has any duty or obligation to provide an officer or a board member any kind of due process other than the right to vote and speak against a resolution judging the officer or board member incompetent or grossly neglectful, thereby removing the member from office. Article IV - Officers SECTION 7: REMOVAL FROM OFFICE Any Officer judged by the Executive Board to be incompetent or grossly neglectful of his/her duties may be removed by a two-third
  6. Can the Executive Board of an organization adopt a resolution or policy to clarify an ambiguity in the group's Constitution? If so, does the resolution or policy need to be approved by the organization's general membership?
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