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Found 6 results

  1. Guest

    Removal of President

    I’m part of a sports organization who’s president is abusing power and constantly working the grey areas of our horribly vague Bylaws. Several of us want to vote him out, but we have no proper explanation of this in our bylaws. We have voted others out in the past by majority, but this one will go down with a fight using everything possible to stay. - If making a motion to vote out the president, does the president get a vote for themself? - If there is cause against their actions/character, does anything protect them? - Are there any solid full-proof guidelines to ensure this process works?
  2. Our organization has no rules for membership. If you pay the yearly fee, you are deemed to be a member. Recently, however, the President and Vice-President of our organization wanted to deny membership renewal to a long-time member. Their tactic: if she tried to pay in person, the cheque would be refused; If she mailed her cheque to the President, he would not cash it or he would return it to her on the grounds that the organizations name was incorrectly stated; the amount was incorrect, etc. He then told the individual that membership could be granted if she were to meet with the Vice-President who would tell her what she needed to do to have her membership renewed. Obviously, this is infra dig but, in the absence of rules, how should the organization have proceeded?
  3. We have set rules on what we have to do to remove a member from our rolls. Most of the rules are self explanatory. But, one of the rules needs some clarification and it states: The President shall appoint a committee of three (3) to prosecute the delinquent member. This committee shall make a preliminary investigation and report to the President. The decision of this committee, together with the President, shall not be appealable, and if the committee decides not to prosecute the matter, it shall be dropped forthwith. Now for the problem. The member that needs to be expelled is the President. He has caused so much trouble for us that one of our bartenders has put a PFA on him. And, I would say to just let the Vice President appoint the committee but, he is the President's best friend and would appoint a committee of friends who would decide not to prosecute. The Trustees and the other Officers need to be able to appoint the committee. How do we approach this? We can not let the President and Vice President to continue to damage our organization. Any help you can give us is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  4. Our organization is run by 6 officers and has about 40 members (it is a student-run organization in high school but the members do not receive any votes, only officers can vote). We are considering the possibility of removing one of the current members. The bylaws specify that any vote normally requiring a 2/3 vote requires a 5/6 vote (5 of the 6 officers). Would the vote to remove a member require a 2/3 vote, therefore requiring 5 votes in our instance, or would it require a majority vote, 4 votes in this instance?
  5. Our national parent club recently expelled a member, following the procedures in our Bylaws with a 2/3 vote, etc. The Bylaws don't say anything past the point of expulsion -- if the vote carries, the member is expelled, and that's that. Our club, however, also has clubs that are members, and the expelled person is still a member of a member club. The national club has a few awards programs, for which members of member clubs are also eligible. The expelled member, post-expulsion, qualified for one of these awards. The general feeling of the Board is that expelled members should not be eligible for national awards, regardless of local club membership. We do not have written standing rules and the awards policy is decades old, so finding the original wording is challenging, to say the least. We are currently revising our Bylaws. Is there something we could/should/need to add to the Bylaws to clarify that expulsion disqualifies one for any awards? Or can we update the awards policy (or, essentially, rewrite it) as a standing rules change, to note that one must be in good standing with the parent club to qualify? (Can one be in good standing if one is not/was not a member?) I have looked through The Book but don't seem to find anything that really applies. Which I realize may mean this question isn't really appropriate here, in which case please let me know and I apologize! Thanks for any insight!
  6. We have a member of our organization who has acted in an extremely unprofessional manner. What are our options to discipline this member? We want to him to have consequences for his actions but we would also like to have a path to reconciliation with the group. Can we suspend his membership for a year? What is the proper procedure for doing that? Or does anyone else have a better suggestion? Thank you, Nancy Thomas
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