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Found 2 results

  1. May I post a note to NEW READERS? Before you post a new parliamentary question, consider this. • There is a Frequently Asked Questions page. There are 20 FAQS to date (2016 April). Thus my suggestion: • Before a reader posts a new question, look up if the FAQ page hasn't already addressed the issue. *** To help things along, I did some unofficial research. For your consideration, below are the KEYWORDS which I think popped up the most, per my modest sampling. (Call it "Kim's Top Seven Keywords of 2016.") I break the KEYWORDS down into two major categories. subject -- VOTING: • tie • abstentions • conflict of interest • proxies • rounding percentages subject -- PEOPLE: • quorum • remove officer from office *** Thus my suggestion: • If the reader recognizes a KEYWORD which applies to the reader's question, then, chances are, there is a FAQ waiting just for you! • If you do NOT recognize a KEYWORD, then perhaps your question is still nonetheless answered in the FAQ -- even if your KEYWORD is not a "Top Seven of 2016"! *** It doesn't hurt to review the FAQ, every now and then. http://robertsrules.com/faq.html
  2. Welcome to the General Discussion forum at the official Robert's Rules of Order Discussion Board (a.k.a. the RONR Question and Answer Forum). Here are some important links and reminders to help you get started: Please see the FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions about parliamentary procedure and RONR (Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised) at the main official Robert's Rules of Order website. To post your question, please do not reply to an existing topic even if it seems that your question is similar. To post your question, please use the Start New Topic button on the main page of the General Discussion forum. Then: In the "Topic Details" section, fill in the "Topic Title" box with a brief title for your topic. Guests: Fill in the "Your Name" box (where it says "Enter a display name") and complete the Security Check task. (Registered members: If you are signed in, this step is not applicable. Click the Sign In button first to sign in.) The "Tags" box is optional. Enter the text of your question in the text-editing area of the screen. Click the "Submit Topic" button to submit your completed post. For more information about using the discussion board, posting as a guest, or registering as a member, please read the Welcome and Important Information messages in the Questions or Comments about the Message Board forum. For more assistance, you can also start a new topic in that forum.
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