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Found 1 result

  1. Folks, Our Bylaws require dues to be paid annually starting from a period three months prior from the annual meeting up until the annual meeting. The Bylaws further state that failure to pay will result in loss of membership and members may apply for membership once again after one year. Further, the Bylaws require "notification of nonpayment of dues will be made 1 month prior to the annual meeting". At the annual meeting, I opened the meeting and under the regular business announced the members who had lost their membership right for failure to pay dues. I was then questioned how and when we notified these members of nonpayment as prescribed by the Bylaws. As I did not have the answer immediately (the membership committee does this activity and the chair was absent) I deferred the question to the following business meeting. During subsequent investigation, the membership committee emailed the nonpaying members 1.5 months prior to the annual meeting notifying them of nonpayment of dues. Certain of these members stated they did not receive the email. My members are urging the Board to not terminate the members. As President, I find my Bylaws not specific enough when requiring "notification". To me, e-mail does not suffice, but rather a certified letter would be more appropriate, however, the Bylaws are silent to this. Further, the members stated they did not receive the e-mail and my membership does not want to terminate these members. Can my Board, as a governing body, or the membership, determine that proper procedure per the Bylaws were not followed and then "right" the situation by providing immediate notification as of this determination to the non-paying members and provide an additional one month to pay from that proper notification? Further, our Bylaws state that "members currently serving in the military....are exempt from the requirement to pay dues". The Bylaws are silent to whether this means active or reserves. Two members who are new reserve members did not pay based on their reading of the Bylaws. Based on my reading, I find it difficult to argue the case, while other members of my governing body believe the intent of the Bylaws was to mean active duty. Other than knowing I need to make some revisions, can you please provide some assistance in both of these situations. Thanks, Chris
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