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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    committeee chair

    Should the president be a sitting member of the Finance committee? Our organization is small and there are a minumun of three members on the committee. One of them has to be the Treasurer.
  2. Guest

    Review of amendments

    Two related questions... 1) is the a " proper" format outlined in which how a amendment proposal should be written before it is proposed for consideration? Have heard that it should/can be: Currently says Change requested (I.e amend by inserting the word "baby" after the word "big") As amended would read Who submitted Rationale 2) the bylaws call for a bylaws committee, as quoted below... The current process used is that the proposals go to the clubs and members of board at the same time but before the opening of the convention, the board reviews each proposal and votes on whether or not to recommend the proposal to the membership so by the time the meeting actually starts the attendees receive another copy of the proposed amendments with a note as to whether the board does or does not recommend each proposal. Then after convention starts, the bylaws committee reviews all proposals again and they vote on whether or not to recommend each one and then the attendees receive another copy of the amendments that now have a note that says whether or not the bylaws committee recommends to adoption of the amendment. The process of the board reviewing etc is not written in any bylaw or policy that is in place. Is this process a legitimate way of reviewing the amendment? "There shall be a Bylaws Committee composed of a Chair and two (2) members of the Board of Directors, appointed by the President, plus representatives from each Region in proportion to the number of the region's clubs registered at Convention. This committee shall meet during Convention. It shall be the duty of this committee to review all proposed amendments to these Bylaws after presentation to Convention, and provide recommendations on them to the Convention."
  3. My Student Government Association Senate is mad up of 30 Senators, The Treasurer, Vice President, and President. Within the Senate we have separate Committees, such as Finance Committee. The Finance Committee deals with Budget hearings from different clubs and organizations, and then votes on whether or not to allocate requested funds to these groups. Our Finance Committee is made up of: The Chair (The Treasurer of the Senate). The Co-Chair (nominated and voted on by the Senate as a whole), and 9 other members of Senate appointed by the Senate Vice President. My question is this: First, is the Vice President allowed to appoint the members to the committee? And Second, Is the Vice President allowed to appoint themselves AND the President of the Senate to this committee?
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