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Found 3 results

  1. I have a few different questions that I can't seem to find a full answer for anywhere. 1. Is it legal for parents or board members not on the account, to take pictures of or even view financial books (Bank statements, cashed checks, etc.) at a meeting? 2. If there are 12 people on a youth sports board and appx. 100 parents involved in our football program, can 5 board members (VP, concessions, and 3 head coaches) call a meeting with only an hour's notice, ask the only 22 parents in attendance to vote to remove 2 officers (President and Concession chair), which one wasn't notified and who weren't either present? They also did not make sure every parent was notified about the meeting. It seemed only to be people who they knew would vote their way. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Guest

    Financial Issue

    Background: We have one meeting a year where business can be transacted. Our budget year runs 10/1/XX through 9/30/XX. A quorum may be met with a combination of members and/or proxies. Question: What happens if we don't have a legal meeting? Can the BOD spend money to meet bills, etc. without an approved budget? Is there a time limit on spending? Our bylaws do have a provision for calling another meeting, but a quorum would be extremely difficult as many members leave the area for the winter.
  3. I am a new president of a non-profit organization. I have been a member for over 10 years. Our by-laws require us to elect a president, VP, Secretary, treasurer, and 3 trustees. Trustees serve 3 year staggering terms, all others one year terms. In the description of their duties, it clearly states that trustees will audit the treasurer's reports and all accounts quarterly. All chairpersons will submit budgets to be reviewed by the executive committee and accepted by the whole association. We have only 2 accounts - checking and savings. All expenditures must be approved by the association and all checks must be double signed. Last year, a "finance committee" was appointed - not sure by whom. They added to our by laws that this committee shall also perform quarterly audits, review budgets, and assist with getting bids. I believe this is not needed. We ELECT officers and trustees to perform this duty. I am receiving pressure to enact this finance committee. Is there a rule that governs appointment of finance committees? Do I have to appoint the same members as last year or can I as president appoint my own? Can I appoint my current trustees? Thank you CK
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